Quiz: Which Region of the US Should You Actually Live In?

We all know the different regions of the US has vastly different norms and lifestyles- which one do you truly belong in? Should you be sipping sweet tea in the southeast? Sitting on the porch watching the storms roll in somewhere in the midwest? Take the quiz to find out which of the 5 regions you should live in!

What were your results? Do you already live in the region that best suits you? Let us know below!

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  1. Ha! My quiz results say that I should live in the Northeast, which is where I’ve lived for all of my life. However, I’m tired of the snow, especially the lake effect snow that the Rochester area receives each winter. So, I’m considering relocation to the mid-Atlantic region, such as eastern NC, where there’s less snow. However, I’m concerned that the summers in eastern NC might be too hot for my preference.

  2. What is the weather at Oak Harbor in Slidell Louisiana today

  3. It says southeast and I live in the northeast but I am right on the line between the two.

  4. Well…..it says that I should live in the west. I would’nt mind visiting. I live and love the Northeast!

  5. West, heat doesn’t bother me. I live in Mid Atlantic, can’t stand heat and high humidity

  6. I live in the Southeast and have wanted to live in Maine my entire life. Yeah…I got Northeast. It’s a dream that will never come true. 🙁

  7. I love my Lake Superior shore of Michigan’s U.P. I wouldn’t want to be on any other lake long term. But I will have to visit those other places to be sure. Visiting the ocean is on my bucket list.

  8. Live in the Northeast. Says I should live in the Midwest 🙂 🌩⛈⚡️🌪 love storm chasing!

  9. Nope. It says I should live in the southeast. I LOVE living in a place that has all 4 seasons clearly defined.

  10. I live in the southeast, Matthews NC in Union County, since 1979 , to be exact. Can visit the Beach’s here, or the Smokey Mountains. My results said the southeast. So it was absolutely correct ! I was reared in Clearwater Florida. I was happy there, do miss the beach so close by back then. I am also happy in NC. I am here to stay. :))

  11. Mine said I should live in the southeast.
    I was raised in CT & lived there until I was in my 20’s. I loved going to the shore and visiting lighthouses. Fall was my favorite, Spring was lovely too but the winters were too depressing, the sky was gray & gloomy from November to April. So I moved to Miami Beach lived there for 4 years, just 6 blocks from the beach and went there almost every day. I rode my bike everywhere and loved all the tropical plants & trees. However, the heat and humidity was too much for me and I missed the change of seasons. So I moved to CO and have been here for over 20 years. There’s lots to do here I loved going to the mountains, lakes & rivers. I often went to CA on business so I bought a small second home there. I took sailing classes which I just loved and joined a lighthouse club. I’d spend about 4 months in CA and then go back to CO.
    Now I long for the ocean and realize that my passion is sailing, ferry boats, lighthouses and the beach. So I thought what am I doing in a land-locked state? I’ve decided that I want to go back to the east coast but don’t want to live where it’s too hot & humid or too cold and gloomy. I’m thinking maybe NC or SC. but I’m having trouble deciding where to go.
    Does anyone have a suggestion?

  12. Live north mid south east. To far, from the activities I love. Working on changing this … This years weather has been very pickled cool to chilly, freezing all in one week to a day of wonderful 70’s. Truth be known I am an old salty from very south southeast. Miss the day trips to beaches. Midwest would send me even more further away from the oceans I love. Pacific is out of my income base. The definition given was dead on the nail.

  13. I got Midwest and I already live in the Midwest so it was right Chicago, Illinois

  14. Results are in…Northeast it is, which is where I live. Originally from midwest region. I have spent time in the West so I would not have been surprised if that was the result.

  15. Exactly right. I live in the Southeast and that is where the survey says I would like to live and I do love where I live!

  16. Live in Colorado (since 73)…thinking New Mexico a better climate for me in my “senior years”…(Arizona too xtreme for me; Utah, too John Smith for me).

  17. I live in the NORTHEAST but I got the SOUTHWEST…… I’m not a huge fan of the heat but I guess dry heat IS better than humid….. Southern California would suit me just fine with its temperate sunny climate. But I would miss the 4 seasons…

  18. Hmmm…I live on the West Coast and do love it here…but most of my family is on the Outer Banks. Love it there too!!! I got Southeast

  19. I live in the south west near the ocean. I would never live in the south east, which is where you said I should live, I love where I live. We have heat and air-conditioning and a lovely home.

  20. I live in the southeast would never live in southwest. A/C takes care of humidity. At least we have trees.

  21. Mine said I should live in the Northeast which is where I live. I love it because I love the changes in the seasons.

  22. Mine was Southwestern , I live in the southeast now and hate the heat! The humidity is terrible! I’m not really sure where my ideal place to live would be ?

  23. My result was Southeast, I actually live in one of the southern northeast states! I’m from the southernmost city of the north, and the northernmost city of the south; the Philadelphia metropolitan region. Called that because of its location on the Mason-Dixon line.

  24. I got the Midwest. I’m better suited for either the East Coast or the West Coast. I’m a beach-loving, surfer girl. 😁

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