Quiz: Which Region of the US Should You Actually Live In?

We all know the different regions of the US has vastly different norms and lifestyles- which one do you truly belong in? Should you be sipping sweet tea in the southeast? Sitting on the porch watching the storms roll in somewhere in the midwest? Take the quiz to find out which of the 5 regions you should live in!

What were your results? Do you already live in the region that best suits you? Let us know below!

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  1. Said I should live in the N. E. Have lived there, and don’t like it! Lived in California, Oregon, Seattle, and now Arizona. The West is where I belong!

  2. It said I should be in the West. I AM in the west. N. Nevada on the east side of the Sierras.

  3. well you said northeast i actually live in the southeast but would love to live in the northeast as much as i love snow the northeast gets lots more than we do every year we are lucky if we see i big snow 5 inches or more and 2 little ones like we got last year give me lots of snow and ill be happy we just got our first big one of eight inches this weekend in lenoir nc from winter storm benji, hope we get lots more this year

  4. You’re telling me to move to the opposite corner of the country? I live in the West, the quiz says I should actually live in the Northeast. I can see that, I like New England very much, but then the weather attributes of the West vary greatly. I live on the left edge of the continent, San Francisco, a half mile from the Pacific Ocean. It’s usually cool, breezy, often overcast, sometimes foggy, it’s dry in the summer and if we’re lucky, it rains in the winter. I wouldn’t care if we never had a hot day, but we do get a few of those. If I want snow, it isn’t far to the Sierras, but I don’t have to spend months living in it. I like it here!

  5. I was a little shocked because I got the Northeast, and I live in the Northeast. I think I prefer the midwest though.

  6. I already live in the SouthEast just not close enough to the Gulf of Mexico or the Ocean.

  7. It said south west and couldn’t agree more, love the mountain desert climate! Wish i lived further west and higher in elevation. Stuck in south Texas with all this humidity.

  8. Funny the comments here. How do you know you wouldn’t like it if you have never lived there? Maybe this dumb little game is right and you would be very happy there. Just saying.

  9. west coast….not….I’ve lived all over the country…and my 3rd move back to burke county nc…. couldn’t make me more happier…less traffic, cheap taxes, land, brown mountain beach lights…. apple picking, fresh air, clean water….. this is it!!!!

  10. SW was correct for me & that is where I live. I value two environments most: the seacoast & the desert. I hate cold climates: I have lived in Kansas & northern Ohio. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast where I enjoy the beach & hurricanes (I mean that: Harvey was my tenth)! Experiencing the power of nature is exhilarating! I never evacuate during hurricanes! I visit the desert of northwestern New Mexico frequently & love it, but not during the winter. The desert scenery, clear, blue skies, and abundant rock outcrops attract me (I am a geologist; you probably just guessed that). An added attraction is that my only son lives there as well as one of my best friends. Also, I greatly enjoyed the two years I lived in Sydney, Australia, on a beautiful rugged coastline and did geologic field work in the desert Outback of central Australia. I have been fortunate in having done geologic field work on all the continents except Antarctica, especially because someone else paid for most of the travel!

  11. Too funny! I grew up in the Midwest and I love fall and am really missing the cool now that I live in the SE — also great. Maybe my results would have been different if it hadn’t been in the 90’s all week! But wait — it is too hot in the Midwest this week too! These quizzes are really fun. Thanks folks.

  12. I’ve lived in the northeast most of my life, lived in Montana for a couple years, returned to new England. and now it says I should live in the Southeast. Maybe That is where I’ll retire.

  13. I got the Northeast which is where I am from and came home to after living in Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

  14. I live in Florida but I would love to live in Montana with my brother and enjoy the beauty and all the weather.

  15. we are moving to seaside are big sur, she wants to on the ocean & i’m looking for place where I can grow food for our family’s table

  16. I was born in Washington state & soon as my wife 2b gets here we’re moving to where they pick form my anwers, she grew up in Fl.

  17. I got Midwest and guess what I live in Ohio which is in the Midwest I like it because there is not a lot of bad weather sometimes we get hail and strong winds and we get a 80% Solar Eclipse on August 21st 2017!!!!

  18. I got southwest, but no way. Way toooo hot for me. I like rainy weather – just not crazy for lightning, high winds, etc. I’m in the southeast but originally from the northeast – not fond of cold weather!

  19. South East. Another quiz on specific cities told me Portland which is across the country. Hmm. Any Portland vibe places in the south east?

  20. Midwest: You should live in the midwest! You value time spent doing things you’re passionate about and taking time to relax with loved ones. When a storm comes knocking at your door, you can’t help but feel excited!

    I live in Texas right now. Guess not even Oklahoma is good for me… But that’s where I hope to transfer colleges to in a couple of years… Guess I’ll have to move further north later…

  21. I live in Minnesota and have lived in other Midwest areas, but plan to move to the Rio Grande Valley in two years. Funny how the quiz results say I should live in the Midwest. I hate winter. In Texas, I can grow many of the things that don’t work here. There are few hills, and given my arthritis, Texas is the place for me.

  22. I live in the Southeast (S.E. Georgia as a matter of fact) and Love it… but the Test Results told me I should live in the Southwest. Been to Arizona a few years back and it was ok but just to Visit!!!

  23. I got the southwest and I live in the Midwest in Indiana which I hate. I lived in the southwest in Arizona for 20 years so I think I should go back.

  24. I got the northeast. It is beautiful but I am not a fan of cold nor snow been to all the states in the northeast.

  25. The quiz said Midwest. Close. I live in Southeastern Colorado, which is a hop, skip, and a jump from Kansas. But I’m happy where I am, even if we’re always overlooked by weather forecasters… 😉

  26. We live in central PA. Would not like the heat and landscape of the southwest. We originally came from CT and the beautiful fall colors of the northeast. Now we enjoy the farmland of PA Dutch country.

  27. I got the Midwest. I was born and raised there, but no live in the Southwest as I don’t enjoy Midwest winters!

  28. I got West. LOL I live in Pennsylvania. And I love it here. Just wish I didn’t live next to a mountain, ’cause it breaks up most of the thunderstorms…

  29. I got South East. I live in Ohio but I’d rather be in the SE. Lived in Georgia for 4 years and fell in love with Savannah.

    1. Yeah IreneC… I’ve lived in a small town just outside of Savannah for 58yrs now and I ain’t leavin’ cause I Love it Here Too Much… Especially River St. You can find me on FB 🙂

  30. I got the southeast! I’m originally from Texas, but I’m moving to Mississippi for grad school next year and then after that hopefully Georgia! Perfect!

  31. Got Southwest. It might be too hot for me though. I’d definitely need air conditioning! Once I thought Phoenix might be a nice place to live. I live in the Midwest in Ohio and always have.

  32. MIdwest!! I am from New York, lived in Kansas but have lived in So. Cal the last 35 years. I am moving to a small town in the flint hills of Kansas in a year. People in Kansas are great, I love thunderstorms, I like rural(like Mayberry)with metropolitan areas less than an hour away. I can’t wait.

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