Quiz: Which Region of the US Should You Actually Live In?

We all know the different regions of the US has vastly different norms and lifestyles- which one do you truly belong in? Should you be sipping sweet tea in the southeast? Sitting on the porch watching the storms roll in somewhere in the midwest? Take the quiz to find out which of the 5 regions you should live in!

What were your results? Do you already live in the region that best suits you? Let us know below!

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  1. There is no way I would live in the southeast. I would not live in anything east. I live in the west – the far west – Hawaii. And I love it here. The Big Island is the best!!!

  2. I live in the west, but, test indicates I should live in the southwest. AND,,,I think you’re right……..:)

  3. Got the southwest! Which is where I have lived for the past 40 years and love. (I was born, raised, and lived in the Lake Erie area for 36 years before moving to New Mexico)

  4. West coast baby! I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and HATE it!! The heat and humidity make me absolutely miserable. I’ve never been that far West but I’ve been to the NM and AZ and loved the dry air and clear skies. Can I give my results to my friends and family to convince them that it’s not crazy to move out there! 😉

  5. I got West which is not an area I’ve ever considered moving to. I am from the northeast and I hate snow!

    1. Not big on that much heat. When we hit the 90s here in Florida that is too hot for me, but the trade off is we don’t get those cold, cold winters. Just a cold snap now and then for a day or two.

  6. I got the southeast and I must say it would be interesting to travel in that area or live in that area I am in done any traveling since I was in my early twenties and here I am now at 47 years old will be nice to take a trip and get away from all the stress and frustration that I deal with maybe I’ll get a chance

  7. This quiz put me in the Northeast, which is where I’m from. Tried California for awhile, but got homesick. The Autumn and the Lobster, I couldn’t ask for anything more !!

  8. I live in the Northeast ( New York) and I got the SouthWest for my answer. I guess It would be OK- I mean I do love the climate of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco! AS long as the humidity is low ill be OK.

  9. I live in Oklahoma (and enjoy it), and got the Southeast. I have visited there, and loved it. Not sure which would be worse though, tornadoes or hurricanes. And I sometimes think I need a place up north when it’s really hot and humid, and further south when it gets too cold.

  10. I got West and I live in the Midwest. Maybe it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch. I lived a short while in Texas (Highland Lakes area) but that’s more like the Southwest. I did like the area though.

  11. I got Midwest and I live in the Midwest, love the summer, love spring thunderstorms, like to chase them

  12. It say’s the Midwest, which is cool, but I was born, raised, and live in the southeast.
    If I where to move to another part of the country, I would choose the Northwest, beautiful country and I drove semi’s all over the U.S.

  13. I should live in the Southeast.It would be nice to find a wonderful community with old fashioned folks.

  14. The same for me “Midwest”, I came from Texas and went to Wisconsin. Wow what a change from almost all heat to a 4 season area. Well winter is a little longer but still great. To me the Midwest is the place for me.

  15. Yes, I live in the Midwest, and the quiz was right with my answer! Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Seasons! I don’t like extreme heat, I really like family time, and meeting the newer babies of the next generation, at family celebrations. Going to the movies with a friend, or a family member. Shopping at the mall, or viewing the great Mississippi river, just by walking on the bike path and feeling the river breeze on my face and blowing my hair back. Lots of entertainment in the great Quad-Cities.

  16. I got the southeast. I did live there many years ago in Savannah. And, I was born & raised in Tampa, FL……but, I’m in NH now and love the seasons. Not, sure how I’d do with heat again.

  17. I got Sothwest and live in New England. I have trouble with humidity as I have Multiple Scerolsis.
    I don’t think Southwest is a good choice. Any area that dosen’t duffer from humidity?

  18. I live in the West and it says Midwest. I love thunderstorms. I live in Reno, Nevada specifically. I would like to live in Oklahoma.

    1. I like that you would like to live in Oklahoma, “yellowguy5.” I have lived there all my life, and absolutely love thunderstorms.

  19. It said Midwest Lived there.., Topeka, KS…..HATED it. I live in the SW. Much better in NM.

  20. My result was the Southeast for the warm weather, kicking back, and enjoying the simple life. I actually live in SE Kansas where the summer weather is awesome but the winter weather is something I actually dread. Dark, cloudy, overcast, bare trees and wind on this prairie is biting cold. It is when I’m most depressed. My dream has always been to live in Alabama. I was born there but with a military Dad, had to move away. I absolutely love a good booming thunderstorm. Of course I don’t want death and destruction, but the adrenalin rush as a severe storm approaches is great and once it’s here it is just thrilling to me. You’ll find me outside until it either starts raining too hard or lightning is dangerously close. There have been a few times when I’ve been carried by my husband, into the house to get me inside before I’m struck by lightning!

  21. I got the Northeast, which is where I live on the ocean on the South Shore of Massachusetts!

  22. I got the Southeast. I have lived in this region and love it! I would love to move back there. Where I am currently located, the region has long, cold, snowy winters which I do NOT like.

    1. @ rowlet_lady: I so understand how you feel about the cold and long length of both it and snow. I lived in Maine for several years and felt like it was mostly winter all year, less a month or maybe two!

  23. I got the Southeast. But it didn’t say how to get the $$ to move there and live in style 😉

  24. I got the west but I really have no desire to go there. I prefer the upper middle west or the northeast where it’s cool and quiet.

  25. I should be living in the Southwest, which doesn’t surprise me, since I’m always complaining about the weather here in Lincoln, Nebraska, and dreaming of vacationing in Southern California, where my father lives!

  26. shirwin i got southwest which I like but not in summer. I live in Michigan and don’t want to move..

  27. I got Midwest. No. I’m from Ohio and while I don’t consider it Midwest, I wouldn’t go back there. Give me mountains, ocean and clear cold lakes anyday.

  28. I live in the Midwest. you said northeast. this is the seasonal weather for Illinois:
    spring: lots of thunderstorms and rain. temp. in the 70’s and 80’s with lows in the 50’s.
    summer: drought with temp. in the 80’s to 90’s and lows in the 60’s to 70’s.
    fall: rain and a few thunderstorms. temp. in the 50’s and 40’s with lows in the 30’s.
    winter: snow, winter storms, and wind. temp. in the 30’s, 20’s, and sometimes 10’s. lows in the 20’s and 10’s.

    pretty harsh. also, can you take out that driving question? because what if you can not drive?

  29. Test said Midwest. While I do get excited about storms, I don’t really want to be that close to tornadoes. So I’ll stick with Upstate New York.

  30. I got Midwest. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago but have lived in mountains of North Carolina almost 16 years.

  31. I got the Southeast but I live in the Midwest – I do like the Southeast but not too far south as I enjoy all 4 seasons

  32. Thank goodness I will NOT have to move! I got “Midwest”….I live in Joplin, MISSOURI!

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