Quiz: Which Region of the US Should You Actually Live In?

We all know the different regions of the US has vastly different norms and lifestyles- which one do you truly belong in? Should you be sipping sweet tea in the southeast? Sitting on the porch watching the storms roll in somewhere in the midwest? Take the quiz to find out which of the 5 regions you should live in!

What were your results? Do you already live in the region that best suits you? Let us know below!

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  1. Northeast with a picture of a Lighthouse, so accurate I can smell the sea right now. But unfortunately, I live in the South!

  2. I got The West Coast, I actually live near Seattle and I love it! Although I would love more snow and thunderstorms!

  3. Midwest, which is where I’ve always lived. Only downside is hot, humid summers.

  4. i also got southwest,but i live in ohio,except for summer where we have heat and humidity,i like ohio.my oldest sister has a house in the phoenix are and from 1995-2010 i went out there when i took 2 weeks off work for my vacation.nmy sister had a swimming pool and a heat tub in the back yard and i usually went out last week of april to the first week of may where it was between 85-95 and humidity was 15%.

  5. Quiz says I’m from the Southwest and they did get the west part right. I actually live in the west…..Pacific Northwest to be precise, in Washington.

  6. I got the southwest too (wonder if there is a “tic” in the survey, since it looks like a lot of us did. LOL. I actually live in the Midwest, shich I like, although I had occasionally thought about moving to the Southwest.

  7. I got the southwest but don’t think I could take the heat. I’m actually from the southeast

  8. I got the southwest which is where I live. I suffer in the heat and do not like any aspect of the climate here. I would love to live someplace with four distinct seasons and a city with lots of culture, like New York!

  9. I got southwest. I was born and raised in the west ( (California) and now live in the southeast( Virginia). I often miss California but I love the lush green of the summers here and the changing of the colors in the fall. So, not me

  10. I’m originally from Pennsylvania but now live in Yuma, Arizona. It’s O.K. but I really miss the four seasons – especially FALL and winter. I like snow.

  11. I just moved from Southeast in Florida to up North in Michigan I love Spring and Summer but it is to hot down South in the Summer so I will stay here for now.

  12. I got the South West as did a lot of you. I live in the North East. I wish they had a question included about spiders & snakes. I am petrified of those creatures and that’s what keeps me from moving.

  13. Yeah! I got the southeast, I live in the Northeast and hoping to move down south someday,I love warm weather and sunshine and the beaches. It makes me happy.

  14. I live in the Midwest, but says I should live in the Southeast…Where my sister in law lives and we visit every year…perhaps…

  15. It said Midwest but I live in SW Florida. I love Florida!The Midwest does look pretty.

  16. I live in the northeast and it said the southeast which is where I want to go. I am so tired of all the snow, I lived up here all my life.

  17. The West? Nope. Nope, nope, nope. I am a northern new England girl, and that’s final. Also, you didn’t have a good variety of houses or rugs; I didn’t really care for any of them so I went with the least awful.

  18. I live in the southeast, the quiz came out the southwest is the best suited place for me but I don’t agree. I’d feel out of place there.

  19. Southeast. That’s obvious, since that’s where I live. Love the gulf, mountains and abundance of summer storms.

  20. I should live in the West which is correct. I was born in the West and have lived most of my life here. When I wasn’t here, I missed it terribly. Not too sure of the weather changes now though….they are changing things a lot!

  21. I got the southwest which I do not like. I live in the midwest and like it. Quiz very wrong this time.

  22. Right on the beam. Southeast. I enjoy driving up to see the fall foliage, then retreating back to the Southeast away from the cold.

  23. I got Midwest (no surprise lol) and I live on the fringe of it in Ohio. I’d love to live in Kansas or Oklahoma someday!

    1. I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life. With your username being “tornadotracker,” I am guessing this is why you’d like to live here, lol..

      1. Definitely! 🙂 I’m so jealous you get to see the most amazing incredible supercell storms there!

        1. They can be spectacular for sure. I sometimes think I should’ve been a storm chaser. Maybe you’ll get to move here someday.

  24. We retired to the Southeast (Greenville, SC) from Chicago. An excellent choice! We love it here.

  25. I also got the southwest: no way! We are snowbirds: choices did not offer sailing (BTW, one does not “lay” on a beach, one “lies” on a beach), we live in a geodesic dome home in FL, not a possible choice, to escape the snows of New England, and in a 5th wheel in RI summers so we can sail and escape FL heat! So-o-o-o-o

  26. I’m a recent transplant to Florida, so southeast is accurate for where I am. But I’d MUCH rather be back in New England!

    1. Can I ask why you would like to be back in New England. I live there and always thought I would rather be in Florida,now that I’m older.

  27. Came up with Southwest which I do love a lot, but live in Southeast because it’s closer to the family.

  28. Said I should be in Midwest, I live in Southwest Fl, and love it. Could there be a connection?

  29. Live in the region that best suits me-Southwest. Quiz was on the money, Wally Reyna

  30. I got the Midwest, No Way ! Too Flat, too hot ! No Mountains, then there is the whole political issue. I suspect VT would be a better fit.

  31. I got Midwest, and I live in Florida. I can not live anywhere cold. I would not be happy in the Midwest.

  32. I got Midwest and live in the Midwest. However I do not consider Ohio to be in the Midwest. It should really be in a region called the Great Lakes region.

  33. I got west and that is pretty close of my dream to live in the southwest!

  34. I got the Northeast and being in New York that is quite accurate. Interesting test though.

    1. That’s neat! I got the southeast, too, but I live in the northeast, silly me. Guess I’m better off coming down to you!

    1. Nice. The survey told me I should live in the Southeast, so maybe I’ll come down and see you!

  35. Funny it says Southwest, which is where I am and what I hate, LOL. It’s too hot and dry here.

  36. I got the southwest! I like summer, but I don’t know how I feel about the desert heat. It’s dry heat which isn’t as bad as the heat in the south over the summer (though I’m from the midwest so I’m not used to it. I guess I will have to adjust to desert heat.

    1. For an idea on what the heat is like in Phoenix, check out theodd1sout’s complaining about Arizona video on YouTube.

    2. i got the Southeast….guess I’ll be on the opposite side of the country. Ha ha

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