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Quiz: Which Region of the US Should You Actually Live In?

We all know the different regions of the US has vastly different norms and lifestyles- which one do you truly belong in? Should you be sipping sweet tea in the southeast? Sitting on the porch watching the storms roll in somewhere in the midwest? Take the quiz to find out which of the 5 regions you should live in!

What were your results? Do you already live in the region that best suits you? Let us know below!

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  1. I live in the southeast, Matthews NC in Union County, since 1979 , to be exact. Can visit the Beach’s here, or the Smokey Mountains. My results said the southeast. So it was absolutely correct ! I was reared in Clearwater Florida. I was happy there, do miss the beach so close by back then. I am also happy in NC. I am here to stay. :))

  2. Mine said I should live in the southeast.
    I was raised in CT & lived there until I was in my 20’s. I loved going to the shore and visiting lighthouses. Fall was my favorite, Spring was lovely too but the winters were too depressing, the sky was gray & gloomy from November to April. So I moved to Miami Beach lived there for 4 years, just 6 blocks from the beach and went there almost every day. I rode my bike everywhere and loved all the tropical plants & trees. However, the heat and humidity was too much for me and I missed the change of seasons. So I moved to CO and have been here for over 20 years. There’s lots to do here I loved going to the mountains, lakes & rivers. I often went to CA on business so I bought a small second home there. I took sailing classes which I just loved and joined a lighthouse club. I’d spend about 4 months in CA and then go back to CO.
    Now I long for the ocean and realize that my passion is sailing, ferry boats, lighthouses and the beach. So I thought what am I doing in a land-locked state? I’ve decided that I want to go back to the east coast but don’t want to live where it’s too hot & humid or too cold and gloomy. I’m thinking maybe NC or SC. but I’m having trouble deciding where to go.
    Does anyone have a suggestion?

  3. Live north mid south east. To far, from the activities I love. Working on changing this … This years weather has been very pickled cool to chilly, freezing all in one week to a day of wonderful 70’s. Truth be known I am an old salty from very south southeast. Miss the day trips to beaches. Midwest would send me even more further away from the oceans I love. Pacific is out of my income base. The definition given was dead on the nail.

  4. Results are in…Northeast it is, which is where I live. Originally from midwest region. I have spent time in the West so I would not have been surprised if that was the result.

  5. Exactly right. I live in the Southeast and that is where the survey says I would like to live and I do love where I live!

  6. Live in Colorado (since 73)…thinking New Mexico a better climate for me in my “senior years”…(Arizona too xtreme for me; Utah, too John Smith for me).

  7. I live in the NORTHEAST but I got the SOUTHWEST…… I’m not a huge fan of the heat but I guess dry heat IS better than humid….. Southern California would suit me just fine with its temperate sunny climate. But I would miss the 4 seasons…

  8. Hmmm…I live on the West Coast and do love it here…but most of my family is on the Outer Banks. Love it there too!!! I got Southeast

  9. I live in the south west near the ocean. I would never live in the south east, which is where you said I should live, I love where I live. We have heat and air-conditioning and a lovely home.

  10. I live in the southeast would never live in southwest. A/C takes care of humidity. At least we have trees.

  11. Mine said I should live in the Northeast which is where I live. I love it because I love the changes in the seasons.

  12. Mine was Southwestern , I live in the southeast now and hate the heat! The humidity is terrible! I’m not really sure where my ideal place to live would be ?

  13. My result was Southeast, I actually live in one of the southern northeast states! I’m from the southernmost city of the north, and the northernmost city of the south; the Philadelphia metropolitan region. Called that because of its location on the Mason-Dixon line.

  14. I got the Midwest. I’m better suited for either the East Coast or the West Coast. I’m a beach-loving, surfer girl. 😁

  15. Said I should live in the N. E. Have lived there, and don’t like it! Lived in California, Oregon, Seattle, and now Arizona. The West is where I belong!

  16. well you said northeast i actually live in the southeast but would love to live in the northeast as much as i love snow the northeast gets lots more than we do every year we are lucky if we see i big snow 5 inches or more and 2 little ones like we got last year give me lots of snow and ill be happy we just got our first big one of eight inches this weekend in lenoir nc from winter storm benji, hope we get lots more this year

  17. You’re telling me to move to the opposite corner of the country? I live in the West, the quiz says I should actually live in the Northeast. I can see that, I like New England very much, but then the weather attributes of the West vary greatly. I live on the left edge of the continent, San Francisco, a half mile from the Pacific Ocean. It’s usually cool, breezy, often overcast, sometimes foggy, it’s dry in the summer and if we’re lucky, it rains in the winter. I wouldn’t care if we never had a hot day, but we do get a few of those. If I want snow, it isn’t far to the Sierras, but I don’t have to spend months living in it. I like it here!

  18. I was a little shocked because I got the Northeast, and I live in the Northeast. I think I prefer the midwest though.

  19. It said south west and couldn’t agree more, love the mountain desert climate! Wish i lived further west and higher in elevation. Stuck in south Texas with all this humidity.

  20. Funny the comments here. How do you know you wouldn’t like it if you have never lived there? Maybe this dumb little game is right and you would be very happy there. Just saying.

  21. west coast….not….I’ve lived all over the country…and my 3rd move back to burke county nc…. couldn’t make me more happier…less traffic, cheap taxes, land, brown mountain beach lights…. apple picking, fresh air, clean water….. this is it!!!!

  22. SW was correct for me & that is where I live. I value two environments most: the seacoast & the desert. I hate cold climates: I have lived in Kansas & northern Ohio. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast where I enjoy the beach & hurricanes (I mean that: Harvey was my tenth)! Experiencing the power of nature is exhilarating! I never evacuate during hurricanes! I visit the desert of northwestern New Mexico frequently & love it, but not during the winter. The desert scenery, clear, blue skies, and abundant rock outcrops attract me (I am a geologist; you probably just guessed that). An added attraction is that my only son lives there as well as one of my best friends. Also, I greatly enjoyed the two years I lived in Sydney, Australia, on a beautiful rugged coastline and did geologic field work in the desert Outback of central Australia. I have been fortunate in having done geologic field work on all the continents except Antarctica, especially because someone else paid for most of the travel!

  23. Too funny! I grew up in the Midwest and I love fall and am really missing the cool now that I live in the SE — also great. Maybe my results would have been different if it hadn’t been in the 90’s all week! But wait — it is too hot in the Midwest this week too! These quizzes are really fun. Thanks folks.

  24. I’ve lived in the northeast most of my life, lived in Montana for a couple years, returned to new England. and now it says I should live in the Southeast. Maybe That is where I’ll retire.

  25. I live in Florida but I would love to live in Montana with my brother and enjoy the beauty and all the weather.

  26. we are moving to seaside are big sur, she wants to on the ocean & i’m looking for place where I can grow food for our family’s table

  27. I was born in Washington state & soon as my wife 2b gets here we’re moving to where they pick form my anwers, she grew up in Fl.

  28. I got Midwest and guess what I live in Ohio which is in the Midwest I like it because there is not a lot of bad weather sometimes we get hail and strong winds and we get a 80% Solar Eclipse on August 21st 2017!!!!

  29. I got southwest, but no way. Way toooo hot for me. I like rainy weather – just not crazy for lightning, high winds, etc. I’m in the southeast but originally from the northeast – not fond of cold weather!

  30. South East. Another quiz on specific cities told me Portland which is across the country. Hmm. Any Portland vibe places in the south east?

  31. Midwest: You should live in the midwest! You value time spent doing things you’re passionate about and taking time to relax with loved ones. When a storm comes knocking at your door, you can’t help but feel excited!

    I live in Texas right now. Guess not even Oklahoma is good for me… But that’s where I hope to transfer colleges to in a couple of years… Guess I’ll have to move further north later…

  32. I live in Minnesota and have lived in other Midwest areas, but plan to move to the Rio Grande Valley in two years. Funny how the quiz results say I should live in the Midwest. I hate winter. In Texas, I can grow many of the things that don’t work here. There are few hills, and given my arthritis, Texas is the place for me.

  33. I live in the Southeast (S.E. Georgia as a matter of fact) and Love it… but the Test Results told me I should live in the Southwest. Been to Arizona a few years back and it was ok but just to Visit!!!

  34. I got the southwest and I live in the Midwest in Indiana which I hate. I lived in the southwest in Arizona for 20 years so I think I should go back.

  35. I got the northeast. It is beautiful but I am not a fan of cold nor snow been to all the states in the northeast.

  36. The quiz said Midwest. Close. I live in Southeastern Colorado, which is a hop, skip, and a jump from Kansas. But I’m happy where I am, even if we’re always overlooked by weather forecasters… 😉

  37. We live in central PA. Would not like the heat and landscape of the southwest. We originally came from CT and the beautiful fall colors of the northeast. Now we enjoy the farmland of PA Dutch country.

  38. I got the Midwest. I was born and raised there, but no live in the Southwest as I don’t enjoy Midwest winters!

  39. I got West. LOL I live in Pennsylvania. And I love it here. Just wish I didn’t live next to a mountain, ’cause it breaks up most of the thunderstorms…

  40. I got South East. I live in Ohio but I’d rather be in the SE. Lived in Georgia for 4 years and fell in love with Savannah.

    1. Yeah IreneC… I’ve lived in a small town just outside of Savannah for 58yrs now and I ain’t leavin’ cause I Love it Here Too Much… Especially River St. You can find me on FB 🙂

  41. I got the southeast! I’m originally from Texas, but I’m moving to Mississippi for grad school next year and then after that hopefully Georgia! Perfect!

  42. Got Southwest. It might be too hot for me though. I’d definitely need air conditioning! Once I thought Phoenix might be a nice place to live. I live in the Midwest in Ohio and always have.

  43. MIdwest!! I am from New York, lived in Kansas but have lived in So. Cal the last 35 years. I am moving to a small town in the flint hills of Kansas in a year. People in Kansas are great, I love thunderstorms, I like rural(like Mayberry)with metropolitan areas less than an hour away. I can’t wait.

  44. There is no way I would live in the southeast. I would not live in anything east. I live in the west – the far west – Hawaii. And I love it here. The Big Island is the best!!!

  45. I live in the west, but, test indicates I should live in the southwest. AND,,,I think you’re right……..:)

  46. Got the southwest! Which is where I have lived for the past 40 years and love. (I was born, raised, and lived in the Lake Erie area for 36 years before moving to New Mexico)

  47. West coast baby! I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and HATE it!! The heat and humidity make me absolutely miserable. I’ve never been that far West but I’ve been to the NM and AZ and loved the dry air and clear skies. Can I give my results to my friends and family to convince them that it’s not crazy to move out there! 😉

    1. Not big on that much heat. When we hit the 90s here in Florida that is too hot for me, but the trade off is we don’t get those cold, cold winters. Just a cold snap now and then for a day or two.

  48. I got the southeast and I must say it would be interesting to travel in that area or live in that area I am in done any traveling since I was in my early twenties and here I am now at 47 years old will be nice to take a trip and get away from all the stress and frustration that I deal with maybe I’ll get a chance

  49. This quiz put me in the Northeast, which is where I’m from. Tried California for awhile, but got homesick. The Autumn and the Lobster, I couldn’t ask for anything more !!

  50. I live in the Northeast ( New York) and I got the SouthWest for my answer. I guess It would be OK- I mean I do love the climate of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco! AS long as the humidity is low ill be OK.

  51. I live in Oklahoma (and enjoy it), and got the Southeast. I have visited there, and loved it. Not sure which would be worse though, tornadoes or hurricanes. And I sometimes think I need a place up north when it’s really hot and humid, and further south when it gets too cold.

  52. I got West and I live in the Midwest. Maybe it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch. I lived a short while in Texas (Highland Lakes area) but that’s more like the Southwest. I did like the area though.

  53. It say’s the Midwest, which is cool, but I was born, raised, and live in the southeast.
    If I where to move to another part of the country, I would choose the Northwest, beautiful country and I drove semi’s all over the U.S.

  54. I should live in the Southeast.It would be nice to find a wonderful community with old fashioned folks.

  55. The same for me “Midwest”, I came from Texas and went to Wisconsin. Wow what a change from almost all heat to a 4 season area. Well winter is a little longer but still great. To me the Midwest is the place for me.

  56. Yes, I live in the Midwest, and the quiz was right with my answer! Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Seasons! I don’t like extreme heat, I really like family time, and meeting the newer babies of the next generation, at family celebrations. Going to the movies with a friend, or a family member. Shopping at the mall, or viewing the great Mississippi river, just by walking on the bike path and feeling the river breeze on my face and blowing my hair back. Lots of entertainment in the great Quad-Cities.

  57. I got the southeast. I did live there many years ago in Savannah. And, I was born & raised in Tampa, FL……but, I’m in NH now and love the seasons. Not, sure how I’d do with heat again.

  58. I got Sothwest and live in New England. I have trouble with humidity as I have Multiple Scerolsis.
    I don’t think Southwest is a good choice. Any area that dosen’t duffer from humidity?

  59. I live in the West and it says Midwest. I love thunderstorms. I live in Reno, Nevada specifically. I would like to live in Oklahoma.

    1. I like that you would like to live in Oklahoma, “yellowguy5.” I have lived there all my life, and absolutely love thunderstorms.

  60. My result was the Southeast for the warm weather, kicking back, and enjoying the simple life. I actually live in SE Kansas where the summer weather is awesome but the winter weather is something I actually dread. Dark, cloudy, overcast, bare trees and wind on this prairie is biting cold. It is when I’m most depressed. My dream has always been to live in Alabama. I was born there but with a military Dad, had to move away. I absolutely love a good booming thunderstorm. Of course I don’t want death and destruction, but the adrenalin rush as a severe storm approaches is great and once it’s here it is just thrilling to me. You’ll find me outside until it either starts raining too hard or lightning is dangerously close. There have been a few times when I’ve been carried by my husband, into the house to get me inside before I’m struck by lightning!

  61. I got the Southeast. I have lived in this region and love it! I would love to move back there. Where I am currently located, the region has long, cold, snowy winters which I do NOT like.

    1. @ rowlet_lady: I so understand how you feel about the cold and long length of both it and snow. I lived in Maine for several years and felt like it was mostly winter all year, less a month or maybe two!

  62. I got the west but I really have no desire to go there. I prefer the upper middle west or the northeast where it’s cool and quiet.

  63. I should be living in the Southwest, which doesn’t surprise me, since I’m always complaining about the weather here in Lincoln, Nebraska, and dreaming of vacationing in Southern California, where my father lives!

  64. shirwin i got southwest which I like but not in summer. I live in Michigan and don’t want to move..

  65. I got Midwest. No. I’m from Ohio and while I don’t consider it Midwest, I wouldn’t go back there. Give me mountains, ocean and clear cold lakes anyday.

  66. I live in the Midwest. you said northeast. this is the seasonal weather for Illinois:
    spring: lots of thunderstorms and rain. temp. in the 70’s and 80’s with lows in the 50’s.
    summer: drought with temp. in the 80’s to 90’s and lows in the 60’s to 70’s.
    fall: rain and a few thunderstorms. temp. in the 50’s and 40’s with lows in the 30’s.
    winter: snow, winter storms, and wind. temp. in the 30’s, 20’s, and sometimes 10’s. lows in the 20’s and 10’s.

    pretty harsh. also, can you take out that driving question? because what if you can not drive?

  67. Test said Midwest. While I do get excited about storms, I don’t really want to be that close to tornadoes. So I’ll stick with Upstate New York.

  68. I got Midwest. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago but have lived in mountains of North Carolina almost 16 years.

  69. I got the Southeast but I live in the Midwest – I do like the Southeast but not too far south as I enjoy all 4 seasons

  70. Northeast with a picture of a Lighthouse, so accurate I can smell the sea right now. But unfortunately, I live in the South!

  71. I got The West Coast, I actually live near Seattle and I love it! Although I would love more snow and thunderstorms!

  72. i also got southwest,but i live in ohio,except for summer where we have heat and humidity,i like ohio.my oldest sister has a house in the phoenix are and from 1995-2010 i went out there when i took 2 weeks off work for my vacation.nmy sister had a swimming pool and a heat tub in the back yard and i usually went out last week of april to the first week of may where it was between 85-95 and humidity was 15%.

  73. Quiz says I’m from the Southwest and they did get the west part right. I actually live in the west…..Pacific Northwest to be precise, in Washington.

  74. I got the southwest too (wonder if there is a “tic” in the survey, since it looks like a lot of us did. LOL. I actually live in the Midwest, shich I like, although I had occasionally thought about moving to the Southwest.

  75. I got the southwest which is where I live. I suffer in the heat and do not like any aspect of the climate here. I would love to live someplace with four distinct seasons and a city with lots of culture, like New York!

  76. I got southwest. I was born and raised in the west ( (California) and now live in the southeast( Virginia). I often miss California but I love the lush green of the summers here and the changing of the colors in the fall. So, not me

  77. I’m originally from Pennsylvania but now live in Yuma, Arizona. It’s O.K. but I really miss the four seasons – especially FALL and winter. I like snow.

  78. I just moved from Southeast in Florida to up North in Michigan I love Spring and Summer but it is to hot down South in the Summer so I will stay here for now.

  79. I got the South West as did a lot of you. I live in the North East. I wish they had a question included about spiders & snakes. I am petrified of those creatures and that’s what keeps me from moving.

  80. Yeah! I got the southeast, I live in the Northeast and hoping to move down south someday,I love warm weather and sunshine and the beaches. It makes me happy.

  81. I live in the Midwest, but says I should live in the Southeast…Where my sister in law lives and we visit every year…perhaps…

  82. I live in the northeast and it said the southeast which is where I want to go. I am so tired of all the snow, I lived up here all my life.

  83. The West? Nope. Nope, nope, nope. I am a northern new England girl, and that’s final. Also, you didn’t have a good variety of houses or rugs; I didn’t really care for any of them so I went with the least awful.

  84. I live in the southeast, the quiz came out the southwest is the best suited place for me but I don’t agree. I’d feel out of place there.

  85. Southeast. That’s obvious, since that’s where I live. Love the gulf, mountains and abundance of summer storms.

  86. I should live in the West which is correct. I was born in the West and have lived most of my life here. When I wasn’t here, I missed it terribly. Not too sure of the weather changes now though….they are changing things a lot!

  87. I got the southwest which I do not like. I live in the midwest and like it. Quiz very wrong this time.

  88. Right on the beam. Southeast. I enjoy driving up to see the fall foliage, then retreating back to the Southeast away from the cold.

    1. I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life. With your username being “tornadotracker,” I am guessing this is why you’d like to live here, lol..

        1. They can be spectacular for sure. I sometimes think I should’ve been a storm chaser. Maybe you’ll get to move here someday.

  89. I also got the southwest: no way! We are snowbirds: choices did not offer sailing (BTW, one does not “lay” on a beach, one “lies” on a beach), we live in a geodesic dome home in FL, not a possible choice, to escape the snows of New England, and in a 5th wheel in RI summers so we can sail and escape FL heat! So-o-o-o-o

  90. I’m a recent transplant to Florida, so southeast is accurate for where I am. But I’d MUCH rather be back in New England!

    1. Can I ask why you would like to be back in New England. I live there and always thought I would rather be in Florida,now that I’m older.

  91. I got the Midwest, No Way ! Too Flat, too hot ! No Mountains, then there is the whole political issue. I suspect VT would be a better fit.

  92. I got Midwest, and I live in Florida. I can not live anywhere cold. I would not be happy in the Midwest.

  93. I got Midwest and live in the Midwest. However I do not consider Ohio to be in the Midwest. It should really be in a region called the Great Lakes region.

    1. That’s neat! I got the southeast, too, but I live in the northeast, silly me. Guess I’m better off coming down to you!

    1. Nice. The survey told me I should live in the Southeast, so maybe I’ll come down and see you!

  94. I got the southwest! I like summer, but I don’t know how I feel about the desert heat. It’s dry heat which isn’t as bad as the heat in the south over the summer (though I’m from the midwest so I’m not used to it. I guess I will have to adjust to desert heat.

    1. For an idea on what the heat is like in Phoenix, check out theodd1sout’s complaining about Arizona video on YouTube.