Quiz: Name that Cloud!

Select the name of the cloud formation pictured below. Post your scores in the comments below!

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  1. I thought number 5 was tricky because I thought it was an altocummuls because it looked like a med level cloud.

  2. My cloud quiz score today is 8/10 , and did much better than the last time score of 4/10. Thanks Jen!  It was fun, and thinking up a storm. (ha)

  3. I will take 8/10. People have always said I had my head in the clouds. And I can sit for hours and watch clouds. But at least I know when to run and take shelter. I love these quizzes.

  4. Totally blew it. Smh. Only 2 right. Thats just terrible, lol but it was still fun to play and I learned something 🙂 Thanks

  5. I finished 5/10. Babe Ruth batted .300 lifetime & he’s in the Hall Of Fame! I will study a try again. Thank you Jen!

  6. 4 right, not bad for someone who hasn’t studied his cloud chart since he lost it when he was 5, ten years ago

  7. To Jen: 9/10 on Cloud Quiz! That was fun. And, yes, I have to have the window seat in the plane or on a bus. The stranger passenger sitting next to me will agree, because I will get the picture and view out the window one way or another. I am drawn to the sky/clouds. Laugh. The clouds are meditative. Other times a distracting consuming gaze. They are always there, changing formations. Some of the worst moments I have had –it has been the clouds that have removed me from the bad moment. This will sound over the edge “geek-like”, but true: When, I am away from Arizona, I miss the sky and clouds. Its the roof over my head. It is awesome seeing different cloud and skylines when I am back East. There is beauty in New England’s sky. Trees, trees, trees are beautiful, but it changes the sky line compared to the piece of my “desert heart” –Arizona skyline and clouds.

  8. Thanks Jen, I am a cloud watcher, but never knew the names of them. I really am surprised I named 4 out of 10, mainly taking a chance on selecting a cloud name. (laugh) Watch you mostly everyday and the rest of your group! Jobs well done!
    White Lily

    1. Same man! I am young, but I really love weather! I can’t stay away from it, and no one can deter my passion for it. So I say, #itsamazingoutthere

  9. I got 6 correct, but really 7, I mis-clicked one… But it’s OK. Was fun playing.
    Been a while since I actually thought of cloud names.

  10. liked this quiz, I got a 7 which made me smile b/c I remember more than I realize from science class.

  11. Would have gotten 10 for 10, except I didn’t think cirrostratus could look that dark, and I thought I saw rain under the cumulus (also a dark picture).

  12. I surprised myself that I knew as much as I did – 8 out of 10. Yahoo!

  13. I got 5 out of 10 right. Thanks Jen for this I thought I knew more. I take a lot of pictures of clouds I find them fascinating.

  14. To this meteorologist and coop weather observer, sometimes cirrostratus and altostratus look very similar, and it’s hard to estimate cloud heights for middle- and high-level clouds without a ceilometer.

  15. I got 10out of 10,I enjoy the weather& I have been a spotter for NWS/Albany for 14years

  16. I taught weather in junior high. Only got 8 out of 10. Should have aced the quiz. It was fun Tom K

  17. Yay! I got 10/10!!! I’ve been obsessed with clouds since I was a little kid. Love being a weather geek!

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