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Quiz: Which Meteorologist Are You? (Part I)

If you’re a big fan of The Weather Channel, which you probably are if you’re reading this sentence, you’ve most likely wondered… Which meteorologist does your personality most align with? Luckily for you, this quiz will reveal the answer. Between Chris Bruin, Jim Cantore, Jen Carfagno, Tom Niziol, Maria LaRosa, Alex Wallace, and Chris Warren, which meteorologist are you most like?

Put your results in the comments and be on the lookout for Part II of this quiz!

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  1. Tom Niziol! Yes! What brand of warm gloves should I own? Cause I’m going out in February!

  2. What a surprise, I am Chris Bruin, the new weatherman. Good Luck to you and weather rock on!!!

  3. I’m surprised I got Jen Carfagno as my meteorologist. I like all of them, but I figured I’d be more like Jim Cantore than anyother.

  4. Jen Carfagno, she’s awesome but so is the rest of the crew at TWC❣🌞☄

  5. I got Jen Carfagno, she’s awesome. So isn’t everyone on the list, and the ones that weren’t on the list.

  6. Maria LaRosa

    You’re most like the one and only Maria LaRosa! Maria is passionate not only about the weather, but space as well. Her love of science is contagious, her kindness is abundant, and her intelligence is off the charts.

  7. Jen Carfano
    You’re most like the Dew Point Diva herself! Jen loves warm weather and all-things-tropical, and appreciates the beauty of nature and science. Her weather experience and expertise are unparalleled!

    It would seem we have a lot in common! Beside… She’s gorgeous.

  8. Alex Wallace – I’m proud to be like Alex Wallace. I love to watch the Weather Channel and enjoy watching all of the meteorologists.

  9. Jim Cantore it is…always thought I could make to the weather channel someday, but I got stuck in a classroom and never recovered !   lol

  10. Chris Warren really, I start everyday watching in the morning, during the winter I check temps every few hours for snow making at ski center, and compare your temps with ours we use 4 Davis stations at different elevations on MTN. you all do great….

  11. I’m Tom Niziol
    You’re most like the winter weather expert himself, Tom Niziol! Tom is fascinated by all-things-winter, plus he loves traveling and learning new things about weather every day. The Weather Channel family wouldn’t be the same without him! I DO love winter!

  12. I always thought of myself as a combination of Jim Cantore, Greg Forbes, and Stephanie Abrams (if that makes any sense to anyone else besides me).

  13. I’d be thrilled to be tagged with any of you and Maria is probably a good fit. I do enjoy weekend recharge, as well as AM HQ…just miss my Local on the 8s being on all the 8s.

  14. I got Tom Niziol although I thought that I should be a Dr. Greg Forbes and would love to hear more thunder snow. I heard it once when I was very little in Maryland.

  15. I didn’t see Reynolds Wolf on the list. Isn’t he a meteorologist? I enjoy his sense of humor and my husband and I always wait to see how great his clothes are for each day. I enjoy all the info on The Weather Channel and watch it a lot because I am a gardener in northern Wisconsin.

  16. I’m most like the Dew Point Diva herself! Jen Carfagno loves warm weather and all-things-tropical, and appreciates the beauty of nature and science. Her weather experience and expertise are unparalleled!

  17. Tom Niziol. I really do like to listen to his breakdown of winter storms and snow amounts and why. Plus, he’s a history buff like me!

  18. I’m Jim Cantore but then think you should have added Warm weather into the hit and cold since I live in Az technically I hate the summer heat but I love the perfect fall thru early spring

  19. Jen Carfagno–I started shopping at Svaha because of her glow-in-the-dark jellyfish dress. Now I have the Solar eclipse dress and shirt, solar system, neuron and Library of Congress dress

  20. Well, don’t necessarily agree with this one. Though I do like Chris, I’m a HUGE fan of Jim Cantore. Hope to get to meet him someday.

  21. Alex Wallace for me! My son, on the other hand, always pretends to be Jim Cantore when we play cars. They always drive through a storm that needs reporting hahhaha 🙂

  22. JC.. as she’s called at our house..She’s our favorite!! We super enjoy all of the Weather Channel personalities. You’re a geek for sure when you have nicknames for the on camera meteorologists!! Watching The Weather Channel is a learning experience that has taught us more about meteorology than we ever knew before. Keep up the great work.

  23. You picked Chris Bruin for me. Even though I’m not a winter person, I have to agree with Jim Cantore, thunder-snow is awesome, heard it for the first time this past winter.

  24. Tom Niziol, I’m not a fan of winter weather no offense Tom Niziol. But I was hoping to be Dr. Greg Forbes. But I like all of the Weather Channel Meteorologists.

  25. Jen Carfagno. The description pretty much applies, except I don’t like hot weather. I’m more of a temperate person, meaning I don’t like it above 75.

  26. My quiz answer was Chris Bruin! I enjoy all the people that work for the Weather Channel. I grew up in Royal Oak MICHIGAN. We played outside all the time. We made ice rinks at neighborhood friends backyards. We were always tuned into the weather radio station. I always wanted a career reporting the weather news. Weather is fascinating. You can see the excitement on faces of everyone at the Weather Channel.

  27. Tom Nizol, not surprising as I’m no fan of hot weather and I do like him. Have learned a lot from him. But watching TWC you can’t help learn so much!

  28. Jim Cantore is my favorite. I’m glad I’m like him. I loved it when he was in Plymouth Massachusetts during the “thunder snow storm”.

  29. I am Maria LaRosa. I love all the meteorologists though. They all seem so great. Each one has a special characteristic I admire.

  30. awesome  got Tom Nizoil..but love thunderstorms and everything rain…love playing in the rain too….

  31. I got Chris Bruin. I like just about all of the meteorologists on TWC. The ladies are always fun to watch, but Chris Bruin is very passionate for reporting from the field so I can’t argue about that. The only question that was tough to pick was favorite school subject because I don’t care for Geometry, Chemistry, and definitely not English so I went with History. I don’t mind Science and Math, but Geometry and Chemistry are difficult to understand. If it was a different science like Biology, Environmental Science or Earth Science, those are kinds of sciences that I enjoy.

  32. I’m a Jim fan thundershowers! Love these quizzes. I was a left brain and want to live in SC. Go figure.

  33. Tom Niziol… watch him all winter as I live on Long Island. Love my blizzards.

  34. Psyched to get Chris Warren. If memory serves, he was the individual reporting from VA, when we got the epic December snowstorm about ten years ago

  35. I wished Jim and Jen would show up at our door (in fact, bring all of them). We would have a great meal ready for them.

  36. You picked for me Tim Niziol. I love the snow storms and outside doing things when it does snow.

  37. Jen Carfagno! She likes the warm weather like me. Also she is a pretty great meteorologist to boot!