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Quiz: Which Meteorologist Are You? (Part I)

If you’re a big fan of The Weather Channel, which you probably are if you’re reading this sentence, you’ve most likely wondered… Which meteorologist does your personality most align with? Luckily for you, this quiz will reveal the answer. Between Chris Bruin, Jim Cantore, Jen Carfagno, Tom Niziol, Maria LaRosa, Alex Wallace, and Chris Warren, which meteorologist are you most like?

Put your results in the comments and be on the lookout for Part II of this quiz!

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  1. Jen Carfagno. I have much respect and admiration for Jen, but my legs are much too hairy to attempt to emulate her.

  2. I was paired with Chris. I enjoy his work and would like to visit the Weather Channel during his shift to meet him in person.

  3. I got The Niz!
    I think I gravitate a bit more toward severe summer/spring tropical weather (bit surprising I didn’t get Cantorie) but I still dig. I do love learning about weather & Nizol’s geekyness

  4. I’m most like, Maria LaRosa! When Maria speaks, I feel like I’m at the university again. You’re so erudite.

  5. Maria LaRosa and I have the same interests,
    especially Space the final frontier.

  6. Maria Larosa, fun to see who most like, thanks for all the weather work you do.

  7. Maria LaRosa. My absolute favorite. (Of course I like all the people on the Weather Channel.)

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