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Quiz: Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

Ah, the age-old juxtaposition between those who are left-brained and those who are right-brained. It’s a classic head-to-head we often see in society and all arenas of life. Where do you belong? The way you react to these weather photos will reveal the answer!

What were your results? Are you part of the left-brained or the right-brained population? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Right-brained. Not really a good assessment in the terms of me not focused in on the small details – more on the big picture. I am very detailed oriented and spend much of my time pouring over my own weather observations and data closely. I don’t deal well with big picture issues like global warming.

  2. Left brained is correct, good job, although…I could have gone with both choices on almost every pick. I gave up trying to make the world a neat and orderly place and in doing so found a world full of fun!

  3. It is interesting that you have said I am Left-Brained. I am Left-Handed and VERY artistic, so usually am very Right Brained. My doctors believe I am one of the few who uses both successfully.

  4. Yep, they got it right this time. I have always been detailed oriented and overanalyze everything.

  5. Your calculation was correct. I am a left brain person and agree with all
    but the last statement.
    As a Registered Nurse, I functioned in a world of very few routines and norms. Prioritization was most important and as a working mother, I found that prioritization was necessary at home too.

  6. MMMMM…curious…..all my long, long life I have tested out right brain and it was accurate, Tonight I tested out as left brain. Why would this happen???

  7. I am a little more right brained that this shows as I am primarily spontaneous when it comes to doing things and trips

  8. Left brained and I think by the acompanying explanation it is true. I do prefer order….no chaos and routines fit me well.

  9. Left brain – description fits me very well.
    Love the Weather Channel! 🙂

    1. Spellchecker got me. Tried to edit after posting, but it wouldn’t let me. Sigh. 😯 Should have said “I’d need more analysis … “

  10. you were right again 3 for 3 here. i am left brained cause i am left handed. great job so far.

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