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Quiz: Where Should You Go Leaf Peeping This Year?

‘Tis the season for a fall foliage road trip! No matter where you live, you’re guaranteed to have a small taste of fall when the leaves start turning. However, some cities are known for showing off vivid autumn colors like no other. If you’re trying to find a place to take in fall scenery this year, we’ve got you covered!

What were your results? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Breckenridge, CO–looks lovely! Maybe one day, I’ll put it on my bucket list.

  2. I got Saranac Lake, New York which ironically I was just at last weekend. Unfortunately the leaves were not cooperating and only about fifty percent change. Still a beautiful road trip!

  3. My parents live in Maine – I got Maine…so that’s a good excuse to go see my folks! 🙂

  4. I got Gatlinburg Tennessee will probably go to the Blue Ridge Parkway, it’s a lot closer.

  5. I got Mt. Hood, Oregon! Not bad….. I lived in and loved Brookings, OR and now live near Lake Tahoe, CA so…… It could happen!

  6. Pretty good result as I love Western North Carolina and I got Tennessee.

  7. I got Maine, but since I live in Utah, I’ll just stick with our mountain canyons, which are most beautiful!

  8. Gatlinburg, TN for me and I have to agree the leaves there would be beautiful. I grew up in Michigan and leaf changing color there is also very beautiful.

  9. New York State is perfect, but especially the Adirondacks. Husband’s health prevents my going and I really miss it. Hope we get some beautiful color here in New York’s southern tier. It can be gorgeous here as well.

  10. Got Oregon, but from being in Minnesota, and it is starting here, B E A Utiful!

  11. I got Galena, IL, which is perfect, since I live in Illinois about 2.5 hours from Galena. I’ve been there before, but it has been years! It is a small city definitely worth seeing! My husband and I might just have to make a weekend of it!

  12. I got Galena, IL. Never been there, yet, but it sounds nice. I live in Ohio and there’s actually lots of beautiful foliage right here too.

  13. I got Camden, Maine. Beautiful, but the UP of Michigan can be quite breathtaking, too. I live in Northern Wisconsin.

  14. I got Gatlinburg, TN. I live in MA and I’m going to Washington State to visit my son and enjoy the colors there.

  15. I live at 7,600′ just outside Albuquerque, NM.
    It’s heaven. Balloon Fiesta is about to begin —then the Autumn leaves arrive! It’s all beyond breath-taking. We are still grilling green chilis.
    Now that’s perfume for the soul!

  16. Mt. Hood, Oregon! Would absolutely LOVE to go there, but I live in Denver and have no money. Doh! I suppose Breckenridge is a possibility… *ponder*

  17. Got Gatlinburg, TN & would love it❣️❣️Then the blue ridge parkway

  18. My results was Mt Hood in Oregon..I live in the Northeast,but it would be nice to go to the other side of the country some day.

  19. I got “Oregon” … and would love to go, but … it’s on the opposite side of the US from where I live (the southeast). Love to go to the Smokies, but it gets overcrowded. Sigh.

  20. Anywhere they have sugar maples and oak trees and assorted other hardwood trees, you are in for a spectacular view of reds and yellows. Anywhere in northeast and mid-Atlantic is great area for viewing.

  21. Gatlinburg, Tn. Can’t argue with that, although I’ve always wanted to go to Vermont.

  22. My result was Breckenridge – won’t make it there, however. I live near Yosemite and will enjoy the change of seasons Central California style. I will also be in Richmond, Virginia in October, which should be stunning!

  23. The Blue Ridge Parkway. Used to live there and people came by the bus load!!

  24. You should travel to Oregon to see fall foliage this year! Mt. Hood packs a punch in terms of scenery. Hop on the 146-mile scenic byway for the best views! The optimal time to see the autumn colors here is late September to mid-October.

  25. Got Brekenridge, CO. I would love to see the fall leave all the time, but I live in southern CA so I don’t get too many colors

    1. Aspen all over Colorado are so golden yellow and shimmer in the breeze, it is truly something to see. Maybe you could head up to Tahoe and see the colors in that beautiful setting

  26. I got Missoula, MT but that won’t happen. I live in IL. The best place to get to see Fall Colors for me would probably be the Indiana Dunes, WI, or MI.

    1. I use to live in Missoula, MT and I can’t believe it could compare to anything near Illinois but it is beautiful there. My son use to live in Indiana and that was quite a beautiful drive for me when I went to visit when the leaves had changed. You get so many colors on the other side of the Mississippi compared to the amazing golden we get on the West side. I hope we all have a chance to totally enjoy the colors no matter where we are.

    2. I got New Mexico which would be nice but a little far for me to trave;. I guess I’ll settle for Pennsylvania

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