Quiz: Do You Know Your Weather Terminology?

You can only call yourself a weather geek if you get 80% or higher on this quiz! Test your weather terminology skills below:

Tell us your results below! Do you get ultimate weather geek bragging rights or do you need to take a crash course in meteorology?

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  1. I failed this quiz!! But it was still fun to take the quiz and try my luck!! But I definitely need the experts on the Weather Channel to help me!!

  2. I got 9/10, missed the one about humidity. Not bad for a retired Army Ranger, I’ll have to pay closer attention next time.

  3. 8 of 10 from a retired meteorologist. I knew the one about typhoons…just misread the NW Pacific. And never heard of pancake ice. Fun quiz tho…

  4. Got actually 7 correct. 1 was an ooops w/hitting my standard-ZBook14’s enter-bar accidently. 7 out of 10 is good, but….. . My degree in meteorology is called 62 yrs of life. The stupidity w/in the weather service are obvious. Seems most Gov agencies have stupidity as its standard function. Educated fools are no different than high school blue collar’s mentality. I actually rather would work for & with blue collar than ANY WHITE COLLAR ANYWHERE!

  5. I got 10 out of 10, learned from my mom, local weather, one meteorology semester in high school and of course hours of the weather channel.

  6. I got 6-10 but I really did know 2 more but chose wrong… LOL. I watch TWC every night before bed and just love it as much as you. Look…up! It is truly amazing! Pennies really do come from the heavens 😙

  7. 10 out of 10. My husband and I are Certified Storm Spotters with the NWS in Tampa, FL and I also work for a team of Storm Chasers out of Nebraska. I have to also be able to read radar somewhat to be involved with this team and my husband reads radar for the team as well.

  8. Uh oh. Need to get my head out of the clouds and work a little harder! Jim Cantore’s job is safe for now! Thanks Weather Channel!  

  9. Got 8 right — missed the Monsoon and the partly cloudy vs mostly cloudy. Should of gone with my first thoughts on both.

  10. I disagree with Question 1. The quiz showed a satellite photo of a circular cloud, having an elevated outer rim, a flatter and lower central layer likely due to a cold pool aloft, and a clearly-visible eye wall and eye. There was nothing said about the wind velocity inside the structure, so while the eye clearly says the storm had tropical characteristics, there wasn’t enough information to distinguish between a tropical storm with an eye, or a typhoon.

    1. You make a valid point but a tropical storm that has an eye, that eye is typically loosely defined. More like what you might see with a very strong low pressure system over land. The picture they showed has a very well defined eye.

  11. 8/10 which actually surprised me! Love the weather and the science behind, and the gang on The Weather Channel that help us to understand all of this!

  12. 10/10 for me. My Master’s thesis was a pioneering GIS study (early 1980’s) of tornado distribution and recurrence probabilities in Arkansas.

  13. Only 5 right – would have got 2 more correct but screen was “touchy” and imputed the answers before I could pick one. LOVE the Weather Channel!!

    1. Most people on here are just fans of weather. You will do better as you watch and participate. Not depressing , …just room for improvement. 🙂

  14. Missed one about pancake ice and the one about partly cloudy vs mostly cloudy. Never can get that one right!

    But 8 out of 10 made me very happy because now I feel free to say I am a weather geek!

  15. I love these quizzes. Always learn something when I get something wrong. Learned a fair amount today: 7/10.

  16. I live in California. Why would I know about “pancake ice”? 7/10 And I never knew that there was a real definition of “heat lighting”. Lightning is lighting.

  17. 9 out of 10!! Missed the question about the flat ice formation. Oh well as long as I didn’t miss the severe weather ones! Lol 😁

  18. 10/10. I’ve been watching TWC over 20 years. I should know SOMETHING! LOL
    I would love to have been a meteorologist!

  19. 10 out of 10 🙂 If I to start my career life over, I would like to work at the weather channel (meteorologist).

  20. I got a 9 out of ten. It said that I need a career in meteorology.
    Which I want to be one some day

          1. What is your favorite place to visit on Vacation? What is your favorite Milk Shake flavor? What is your most favorite food to eat? What topics do you like to study?

  21. Nuts! Got 8 right, but it would have been 100 if I went with my first guess on two questions; heat lightning and monsoon.
    Thanks, guys; this was a fun quiz! 😊

  22. Mostly Rain ! hot summers High Hummidity fog pollen Allergy thunderstorms with lightning strikes over the area Alleghany I live inside City Limits! 24422