Quiz: Do You Know Your Weather Terminology?

You can only call yourself a weather geek if you get 80% or higher on this quiz! Test your weather terminology skills below:

Tell us your results below! Do you get ultimate weather geek bragging rights or do you need to take a crash course in meteorology?

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  1. I’m a weather geek! I love weather! It fascinates me, exhilarates me, and sometimes, scares me! I got 9 out of 10!

  2. I find weather, among many things, fascinating! I love to learn as much as I can. I did 9 out of 10.

  3. 9 out of 10, my dad was aWWll pilot and was teaching me weather basics before I could read. Those ice pancakes got several of us, so I don’t feel so bad. I would have loved to have been a meteorologist and a dozen other fascinating things!

  4. 8 out of 10. Says I should consider a career in meteorology. I did when I was in elementary school. My literal first class at the University of Washington was Atmospheric Sciences 101. By that point in my life, however, I was completely turned off by just about any major or coursework that involved anything more than a minimal amount of mathematics, so that was the end of my meteorological education.

  5. 6, kinda matches my grade in college in my weather and climate class, haha

  6. 9/10. Should have gone with my first instinct about pancake ice.

  7. Can’t believe I got the hurricane/typhoon one wrong–when I read “Northwest Pacific”, I actually pictured the wrong part of the Pacific Ocean–the part over by the United States–must’ve been thinking “Pacific Northwest” instead. Otherwise, I would have had 10 for 10.

  8. 9/10 I was a USAF forecaster many moons ago, but must admit, I’ve never heard the term “ice pancake”.

  9. This was a schooling on what the terminology was. So I studied as if I was in school lol 3 tries and got nine number 10 still was wrong lol

  10. I have an advanced storm spotter certificate issued by nws BHM. I worked as a student intern for nws ffc and the cwsu at atl artcc. When nws ATL was next to ATL airport I was a frequent visitor and was allowed to operate nws 57D unit. I have been a spotter since 1974.

  11. 9/10. I studied Meteorology back in the 60/70’s and Derecho was not a word, but I do remember it being mentioned on TWC within the last year, just didn’t spend enough time thinking that question through. I do have 4 weather stations out back (not named, tho). And I did basic analyzing of Siberian weather messages back in the Cold War. Just a fyi – a measurement of something compared to something else is often shown as a ratio, like relative humidity (65/100 or 65%), not an absolute like Dew Point (65 F) .

  12. I read one question too fast or I would’ve gotten 8 correct:/patience, I have to learn patience.

  13. “A measure of the water vapor content of the air.” as a quiz item, as worded, is not specific enough to really differentiate between “Relative Humidity” and “Dewpoint”. As stated, the item leans more, technically, to “Dewpoint” since it uses the term “water vapor” instead of “moisture”. My 2 cents…

  14. 8/10. Been out of the weather business since ’74, before Derecho was even established, and never seen pancake ice. Some things you never forget, though.

  15. 7 of 10 right, retired watch the Weather Channel alot or I wouldn’t have known this much, ya for me.

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