Quiz: Guess the Movies From The Weather Scenes!

In our opinion, you can never have enough movies that involve weather! It can make things more exciting, dangerous, romantic, or just plain cooler. See if you can correctly guess which 10 movies these scenes are from:

We want to know your score! Tell us how many you got right in the comments below. No judgment if you didn’t pass- that just means it’s time for a weather movie marathon!

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  1. I got 7 right, and that’s good considering I guessed on some of them! I was more familiar with the older movies than the newer ones, LOL!

  2. 9/10 but I love movies, music, listen ed in North Hollywood, and Los Angeles, CA for the last 30 years. What else but movie buff am I, am a weather geek to boot! I did miss the Star Was one, though.

  3. That scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy is from the Battle of Helm’s Deep from LOTR: The Two Towers… not from Fellowship of the Ring. Please fix. 10/10.

  4. Just 6 out of 10. The Lord of the Rings and some others I never saw before.
    Happy Birthday and keep it coming.

  5. Happy Birthday, Weather Channel. Awesome quiz! I miss you. Being a FIOS customer, I will never see you again. I sure wish there was someone out there who can help. I’ve already exhausted what I could do, including contacting Verizon’s CEO’s office. 🙁

  6. 70% for me. I’m not much for newer films. The hurricane scene in Key Largo gets my honorable mention. Thanks!

  7. I got 7/10, which is good because I did have to guess on some of the movies I have never seen before.