Quiz: Guess the Movies From The Weather Scenes!

In our opinion, you can never have enough movies that involve weather! It can make things more exciting, dangerous, romantic, or just plain cooler. See if you can correctly guess which 10 movies these scenes are from:

We want to know your score! Tell us how many you got right in the comments below. No judgment if you didn’t pass- that just means it’s time for a weather movie marathon!

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  1. 6/10… Several videos/pic were blury. Agree with Walrus… this is a test of movie knowledge… NOT weather… still fun… I never watched the LORD movies, or the newer Star Wars…. old school there. I may watch the newest one though. Fav? I would love to get caught in the rain with Rachel….. : – )

  2. I haven’t seen star wars or lord of the rings either. Would of gotten 8/10, but my big finger hit the answer above 😞

  3. 8/10. I’ll take it. At least I’m not the only person who hasn’t seen all of the Star Wars & Lord of the Rings movies. Seems I’m not alone under my rock.