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Quiz: We Can Guess Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food

The tastiest holiday of the year is just around the corner! We think we know you well enough to guess your favorite food to eat during a Thanksgiving feast… answer the holiday-related questions below and see if we get it right.

Did we get it right? Tell us your result and, if we got it wrong, your favorite Thanksgiving food in the comments below!

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  1. It said, “turkey”, I don’t eat it anymore. My favorite is dressing, followed closely by sweet potato casserole.

  2. Not even close. I hate roasted vegetables. Stuffing is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal.

  3. Once upon a time , I would have chosen the mince pie made by my Aunt Anna. Now with all the prep and cooking I do , there is little interest in the eating .

  4. I go for a hike if the weather is good. Maybe have a fish dish when I get home. Cod is preferred. You can keep the bread stuffing.

  5. You hit it dead on. I love buttery mashed potatoes and for the meat steak or roast beef. No turkey, there is a reason they call it fowl.

  6. Well, can’t deny that I don’t like Pie, it is one of my faves. But there’s a tie between 3 traditional dishes that qualify as my faves, so I guess it counts for being correct. Happy Thanksgiving to all at TWC.

  7. You got it right. I love roasted veggies more than the turkey. I like the turkey the next day in sandwiches.