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Quiz: We Can Guess Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food

The tastiest holiday of the year is just around the corner! We think we know you well enough to guess your favorite food to eat during a Thanksgiving feast… answer the holiday-related questions below and see if we get it right.

Did we get it right? Tell us your result and, if we got it wrong, your favorite Thanksgiving food in the comments below!

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  1. I love the cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes. Well, and the turkey and the filling and the mash potatoes.

  2. Sorry about all the typos and I got all excited about the apple pie so ignore the apple pie and get the gist of the story thank you God bless you all.

  3. Yes Apple pies it so I guess pi’s right I also like pumpkin pie apple pie is awesome my wife makes the best apple pie in the whole world how it is just regular apple pie it’s just something special she does she makes and just like my mom used to it is wonderful thank you for being right it’s kind of weird but you got it right by the answer but would it brings joy and happiness to me that my wife would go to extremes to do this that’s what Thanksgiving is all about and I think very much.

  4. I got buttery mashed potatoes but that is actually what comes in at 4th place.
    1. Stuffing
    2. Cranberries
    3. Ambrosia salad
    4. Buttery Mashed Potatoes
    with Turkey Pan-Dripping
    5. Green Bean Casserole
    6. Turkey

  5. Those pies looks really good! You are making me hungry. I do love pies and my family makes different kinds. But I love all of the food on Thanksgiving day, it is hard to choose.

  6. you said buttery mashed potatoes and youre right i love those every day with every meal but on thanksgiving i love that with turkey corn bread stuffing cranberry sauce,country ham,black eye peas,cornbread and pumpkin pie for dessert,yummy

  7. Unfortunately, I do not eat desserts, so pie was the wrong guess. Turkey and stuffing are my main focus.

  8. The roasted veggies that resulted from the quiz look absolutely delicious, but not for Thanksgiving dinner. Give me turkey and bread stuffing with gravy and cranberry sauce and I have exactly what I look forward to every year. Yum!

  9. You did pretty good, but you forgot to add “topped with my fabulous home made fat free gravy”, lol. When my Mother was alive, God rest her, I helped make all the traditional foods for thanksgiving, but Mom would always remark “I wish there was a fat free gravy free of all the guilt, so I could eat more on top of everything”. That’s when I took it upon myself to invent it. My fat free gravy was a total success with everyone who tasted it. No one believed that fat free gravy could taste so good until they watched me make it, and it’s so simple. I make things from scratch so I can do it anyway I want to, and I prefer simple, low salt and as fat free as I can make them, but they must pass MY taste test first before I would serve it to others.

  10. Vegetarian stuffing
    Vegetarian gravy
    Mashed Potaties
    Vegetarian yams
    Green Bean casserole made the Whole Foods way
    Organic Pumpkin Pie or tarts for dessert

  11. scubacat, can you give me the recipe for
    your bacon cranberry onion jam? Please?
    Sounds interesting.

  12. Roasted butternut squash soup? Nobody I know makes roasted butternut squash soup for Thanksgiving. Anybody out there do that? Favorite food: Firehouse sausage stuffing.

  13. sweet potato casserole!?!?? I HATE sweet potato casserole with those little marshmallows. i always skip that if its on the table. how on earth they picked that for me!? However, give me a baked sweet potato with bacon cranberry onion jam!

  14. WOW!!! You are right on!!! Well ALMOST… The stuffing is the best part of the meal…. but for the whole dinner… I cant decide! It probably ties with the pecan pie…. I LOVE dessert 🙂

  15. Classic stuffing? Not quite. Oyster dressing made with cornbread and Apalachicola oysters. Actually, anything with Apalachicola oysters would be good.

  16. Well you Kids are Fun – with such as this ‘Quiz’ , and daily on The Weather Channel.. Thanks for my/our ‘Go-To Channel.’ You provide a Safety Alert for anybody to check out on a daily basis.. It informs what is happening , and what could happen.. Thanks Mucho.!!! Oh yes – we all luv to Gobble Turkey.!?!

  17. While your results of Classic Stuffing is certainly on my good list, the survey failed in my case. My FAVORITE Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas family food is the fresh homemade Pecan pie.

  18. I got pie! Actually my favorite is the leftover turkey for cold turkey sandwiches, I don’t eat much on thanksgiving!

  19. I do love pie but actually mashed potatoes with yummy grave is probably my favorite. Oh, and by the way, I cook clean up, set the table, plan, AND buy. All of the above. just saying….

  20. No not turkey. My love is all of the veggies. Family obligations require me to travel to Thanksgiving. Christmas dinner is my time to cook — lots of winter veggies!!

  21. You said traditional stuffing. It’s great, but I really like cranberry-orange homemade sauce best, so you got it as right as you can be for me.

  22. It’s a toss up between mashed potatoes and stuffing smothered with gravy…but if I have to choose one, it’s mashed potatoes. It’s usually the only thing that I get a second helping of, if I have the room and sometimes I just do it.

  23. Close. Stuffing is my 2nd favorite. My very favorite Thanksgiving dish is spiced peaches. They are so yummy and a definite must have. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God bless you all.

  24. Interesting–I’ve never even heard of having roasted veggies for Thanksgiving, but it sounds good. I love stuffing!

      1. Try making a “tursage”, a combination of sausages stuffed inside a turkey. It is also President Trump’s favorite accessory to wear on Thanksgiving Day. #foodjewelery 🙂

  25. Roasted Veggies?? Well, they’re okaaay – but I LOOOOOOVE turkey!!
    And yams. And canned jellied cranberry sauce. AND Pumpkin Pie – smothered in real whipped cream!!!!

  26. Pie. I do like pie, but give me the snack trays! Cheese, olives, pickles, fresh veggies & dip.. oh, & my sister’s dinner rolls!!!

  27. Yes stuffing you guessed right crazy !!!
    My grandmas Eva from Menominee Michigan
    Made the best classic stuffing ever
    Onion celery poultry seasoning butter bread

    Bam mike drop

  28. @haleybrennan, yes, you nailed my favorite Thanksgiving food in this quiz. Stuffing is always my comfort food when Thanksgiving arrives. I give this quiz a five-star rating. #turkeydaywxquiz 🦃😄👍

    1. How about you try a “turducken”? It is basically a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey. Moreover, it is Governor Chris Christie’s version of a Russian nesting doll. #gobbleintheKremlin 🐓🐥🦃🇷🇺

  29. I got pie! Pie is a dessert food, so I don’t know if it technically qualifies as a Thanksgiving food. I love pie, but I don’t like pumpkin. Apple pie would be my favorite! My favorite Thanksgiving meal food would either be mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, love them both! Hard to pick between the two.