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Quiz: How Much Eclipse Knowledge Do You Have?

Are you ready for the biggest space event to happen in decades? We know we are! The total solar eclipse is only a few days away, so we thought it’d be a good time to test your eclipse knowledge.

Well, are you an eclipse expert? Tell us how many you got right in the comments below, and be sure to check out The Weather Channel all day long on Monday, August 21st for our extensive total solar eclipse coverage.

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  1. only got 4 right well i learned more than i thought when i seen the corerct answers to the ones i missed

  2. I only got 4 right, and I thought I knew more! Also, I couldn’t tell when they were just talking about the continental U.S., or in general when they referred to the last solar (total or otherwise) eclipse.

  3. 7/8 Missed the question about wearing protection. I misread it. TRUE or FALSE. Thought it said “SHOULD” wear (answered true), but instead was written as “SHOULDN’T” wear protection. I guess I really do need my reading glasses to read. Lol 😀

  4. Hi guys, I got 5 right!! ‘Member that song “I’m a girl watcher? Well today I’m an eclipse watcher!! fun..fun..fun!!

  5. It IS possible to chase an eclipse. It’s just that most people don’t have a rocket propelled vehicle or a place to drive it.

  6. 6/8…..according to the Weather Channel a “Ninja”. So what is that? Hmmm I don’t know. Fun quiz though.

  7. 5 of 8 w/1 click mistake. So 6 out of 8 really. The Periodic table was the misclick. Knew helium.

  8. I got 8/8 but I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on eclipses. Wish I could be in the area of totality but thanks th the glasses from TWC I’ll enjoy it.

  9. 6/8. Didn’t know the element. How will the eclipse affect those on solar power??

  10. I thought there were people who chased eclipses around the globe when they happen; so that was a trick ?–didnt know u meant a single event –you’d have to be fast @1Kmph to chase an individual happening….SC, totality or bust!!!

  11. Couple of ’em were a bit tricky…question 4 subliminally convinced my brain they were referring to eclipses within the continental U.S. However, I still would’ve missed it because I wasn’t aware of the ’91 event, and was looking for 1979 amongst the answers. Question 8 really should’ve been phrased with “average” in the question, not just in the answer. Why? Because from what I’ve read, the temperature drop in the path of totality is much closer to 20 degrees. Fingers crossed for clear skies for all!

  12. Look I hate to be a sore loser type,but it IS possible to chase an eclipse. Yeah you gotta go fast but you can do it.
    I want my point!!
    oh never mind….,Im going to totallity in Makanda,Illinois
    Who else is going?

    1. Heading to Farragut, TN, but the cloud cover expectation seems to change day to day, so who knows?

    2. You can of course chase an eclipse, it just would not work real well, or extend the time very much at all. To really chase it, you would need to be in a high speed aircraft, like, one capable of at least Mach 1.5.

  13. I got five right but I thought I would do better. However, I still enjoyed it. Thanks! 🙂

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