Quiz: Discover Your Inner Science Geek!

Spring break is taking the nation by storm in the next few weeks, so now’s the time to start planning! Wherever you end up, you should try to work in at least one science-related activity, whether it’s for you, your kids, or your grandkids. Take the quiz to reveal what fun science-based activity best fits your personality!

What were your results? Whether you got science museum, aquarium, nature preserve, planetarium, or science experiments, these activities combine a lot of fun with the wonder of science, so what’s not to love?


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  1. I got science museum like it. But I would have been happy with any of them because I am a total science geek 

  2. Planetarium all the way! I love astronomy a whole lot (but I love weather more) and have been to a planetarium before.

  3. Science museum–perfect! Guess that’s why I keep up my membership at the California Academy of Sciences, and they have a planetarium and a great aquarium too!

  4. I got go to a science museum and I don’t like the answer. I like planetarium.

  5. Go to an aquarium: You’re the type of person that often gets wrapped up in the fact that there’s a whole world that’s barely been explored– the ocean, that is. You love the mysterious and alien-like habitat of what lies beneath the sea. You should visit an aquarium where you’ll be able to observe new species you’ve never seen before and learn about the undiscovered waters of the ocean.

    That is true but my true passion is Broadcast Meteorology…

  6. Nature Preserve, fits with my desire to hike, work with the WTA and visit the mountains surrounding me in the PAC NW, on a somewhat regular basis.

  7. I am a science museum type. I do like all different science areas, my favorite is the weather!

  8. Found the answer quite accurate! I love nature preserves! But like the comment above- where DOES the cake fit in?

  9. I took it 4 times, gave same answers, got 3 different outcomes, so its a totally random test, disappointing.

  10. Pretty close fit. Result was “Go to a science museum”. I do really like Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. But I hunt and seek airplane museums. But the last vacation on my own, visited Volo Auto Museum, Harley Davidson Museum Milwaukee, crossed Lake Michigan on a historic ferry the S.S. Badger, and lastly visited E.A.A. Oshkosh Air Museum. OK, I’m a museum nerd.

  11. nature preserve looks so peaceful…wish I was there right now..I’m happy the quiz said that for me..I love the outdoors…I grew up in the country

  12. Science museum? That’s cool, but given a choice, I would go to a nature preserve. And that deserted island sounds pretty good right now.

  13. Guess I need to re-visit the Planetarium! I felt quiz results were pretty accurate.

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