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Quiz: This Color Test Will Reveal Your Ideal Weather Conditions

One of our favorite things about nature is how it can display a kaleidoscope of colors. From the bright blue sky down to the vividly green earth, there is endless color around us! If you haven’t recently stopped and appreciated the beauty around you in weather and nature, we suggest you do that today. Start by taking this quiz! All you have to do is choose which colorful weather or nature picture you’re most gravitated to, and voila! We will use magic to tell you what weather conditions you most prefer.

Well, what were your results? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Got me perfectly with sunny & 75 degrees! I also love thunderstorms and am a trained spotter.

  2. Snowy and 25 degrees. Snowy is fine, but when it’s that cold and doing anything snowing, that doesn’t work for me.

  3. I love the rain but 60 degrees is a little cool for me. I like it better around 75 degrees.

  4. Rainy and 60 degrees.
    Yes! I love the rain. I live in Los Angeles and it hardly ever rains here.

  5. My result is Snowy with fall as a close second. So totally right. I love watching it snow. It is peaceful and beautiful.

  6. Can’t agree or disagree on the rain but temperatures below 73 without sunshine is hell. Miss the old heavy rains we use to get but loved the sun showers in Florida

  7. While I do like summer storms, they are an exception, not a rule. I hate summer. Storms are the only good aspect. I’m a thorough child of autumn.

  8. You are right. My most peaceful moments are when I am done with chores, it is snowing, I am back in the house and all critters are safe eating for the night …I was surprised because I dislike being cold…but having the stove going with a great fire and stamping the snow off of my boots was and is one of my greatest remembered moments.

  9. I love Spring and Fall, but I don’t like rainy weather like you suggest. Can’t play too much golf in rainy weather.

  10. Rainy and 60? I don’t think so. Makes my bones ache. I prefer warm and sunny.

  11. Your quizes said I was like “Spring” and that I liked rain, fall, and spring. This describes me t o a “T”. Awesome!

  12. I love my results to two of the quizzes that I took on your quizzes pages.
    Sincerely Kathy Carnley

  13. Amazing. That is correct. I do prefer Spring and Fall; however, sometimes I also like Winter, Forget Summer – too hot and dry in California.

  14. Either you read me wrongly, or I picked the wrong pictures. My seasons are autumn and winter, under 75 degrees tops, and I don’t bask in the sun.

  15. Spot-On: Rainy & 60! I’ve tried living in San Diego & Phoenix because I think the sun is nice – failed everywhere but Washington state. Now living on the coast and enjoying every day of the blue skies, exciting ocean, passing rain showers, occasional storms, and not too cold/not too hot temperatures.

  16. Snowy and 25. Absolutely correct. Live in Central Florida and hate the heat and humidity

    1. I love hot hot hot. SUNNY SUNNY SUNNY. Most if my family is down south I live in awful Buffalo NY. It has rained n been gloomy n cold for all except 2 days if last two months I DETEST FALL. I AM DO DEPRESSED N MY ARTHRITIS IS AWFUL IN THIS WEATHER.

  17. Sunny and 75 is PERFECT! I love being outside in the sun, but not too hot and not too cold. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.


  19. Rainy and 60 Degree weather. Yes on point with the answer. I love the inbetween seasons.. Fall and Spring.

  20. Sunny and 75, LOL. No way. I love snowy days so I can watch the flakes fall.  Everyone of them mesmerizes me, and at night I can curl up by the fireplace.   Winter is coming.  Great!

  21. “Snowy and 25 degrees.” “Prefer cold conditions over warm meaning that winter is [my] favorite season with fall a close second . . . ” Wow, those descriptions of me hit the nail right on the head!!

  22. I hate to disagree,and did choose my favorite colors of pictures,however 25 degrees is way off,however fall is my favorite but way before the temp. hits 25 degrees

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