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Quiz: This Color Test Will Reveal Your Ideal Weather Conditions

One of our favorite things about nature is how it can display a kaleidoscope of colors. From the bright blue sky down to the vividly green earth, there is endless color around us! If you haven’t recently stopped and appreciated the beauty around you in weather and nature, we suggest you do that today. Start by taking this quiz! All you have to do is choose which colorful weather or nature picture you’re most gravitated to, and voila! We will use magic to tell you what weather conditions you most prefer.

Well, what were your results? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I got winter but actually my favorite season is autumn. It did peg me as not a fan of hot weather, which is true.

  2. Well, it’s kind of right. I do like winter and cold. I’m a fall, winter, spring girl. I put up with summer because I have too. I’m mountains, pine trees, and aspens. Very fun quiz!! Thanks Weather Channel.

  3. I agree – it picked Winter for me – I snowmobile 🙂 and Fall is my second favorite!

  4. Couldn’t be farther off: Summer is my *least* favorite season! Absolutely hate heat, humidity, weeds, and bugs! Can’t wait for Autumn!

  5. Sunny and 75! My result is absolutely right! I think 75 degrees is an ideal temperature as long it’s not very humid, 75 is a perfect temperature: warm but not too hot!

  6. I do enjoy a rain, as we don’t get as much here in northern Colorado as back east. But too many days of cloudy weather and I get seasonal affect. I agree fall and spring are favorite seasons.

  7. I got Rainy and 60°. I’d say I agree with this about half the time; at night I love the rain, but during the day I need my sunny skies (of course, I’ll always make an exception for daytime precipitation when it’s snow)! My result also said I prefer spring and fall, which definitely was on point… though I certainly like the latter more than I do the former.

  8. Rainy & 60°

    Whether you realize it or not, you love rainy weather.
    This is right on. I have always liked walking in the rain or driving my car in the rain. It’s relaxing for me.

  9. The results were reasonable, but I dont know what all the other possibilities were, so I can’t be sure it was the most correct.

  10. Opposite of my preference. It said I prefer snowy and 25…not really. I prefer summer and spring.

  11. The pictures were tough to choose between. That said, you were way off! I like cold and clear weather not rainy and 60.

    1. Must be color blind…or were limited to the 16-crayon box of Crayolas as a child…

  12. You nailed it. Since I moved from the desert to a state that experiences snow – at least some of the time – I truly enjoy winter (vs hot, humid summers). And yes, fall is also a favorite.

  13. The quiz was fun to take, but they were way off. I enjoy the warm weather over the cold. Nice try though.

  14. I do like cooler weather, but not sure about 25 degrees. I love layers!

  15. I agree completely.I like cold weather.I really dislike summer My favorite season is fall with spring and winter close behind.Summer I can do without except for the beautiful flowers.

  16. Snowmobiling and then sitting by the fireplace in our cabin retreat drinking hot chocolate.

  17. The quiz got it correct. If possible, I would spend my life in the tropics. I would trade winter and temperatures below 60 for all my experiences in the Caribbean.

  18. Not really into rainy weather as I like to be outside and damp weather tends to affect the joints, making that difficult. However, I do like the spring and fall because it provides all things in moderation. So results are about 1/2 right.

  19. Well, they got the “not too hot, not too cold” part right, but I don’t have an affinity for rainy weather…I enjoy good, rippin’ T-storms & showers occasionally, but not a steady diet of it. I used to live in Michigan & disliked it due to the frequent rains (among other things…).

  20. Got me right. I like winter and fall the best, not really in that order tho. I really hate this hot weather right now!

  21. Not at all. I HATE winter! It’s my least favorite season. I love Spring with all the new life sprouting, the fresh smells, & just everything but not the storms. I like summer but hate the humidity! I like fall, it is beautiful, but feel depressed because I know winter is coming!

  22. Really me. Love a rainy day. Spring and fall are the best. Winter is OK and summer sucks.

  23. Right on the money! Getting older now , the humidity with hot sun really takes it out of me. The cold I can dress for it. Thank You.

  24. Right on. Spring and Fall are my kind of seasons. Around here, Winters are usually cold and yucky and this Summer has been way too hot and humid for me. So looking forward to Fall.

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