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Quiz: This Color Test Will Reveal Your Ideal Weather Conditions

One of our favorite things about nature is how it can display a kaleidoscope of colors. From the bright blue sky down to the vividly green earth, there is endless color around us! If you haven’t recently stopped and appreciated the beauty around you in weather and nature, we suggest you do that today. Start by taking this quiz! All you have to do is choose which colorful weather or nature picture you’re most gravitated to, and voila! We will use magic to tell you what weather conditions you most prefer.

Well, what were your results? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Well, on my 2nd time around, you gave me snowy and 25. Much more accurate than 75 and sunny! I obviously chose the wrong pictures the first time around! Yes, fall and winter are where it’s at for me! The way I see it, it’s easier to get warm than cool! So bundle up and enjoy!

  2. Your quiz assessed that my favorite seasons are spring and summer. Sorry, but they”re fall and winter! Yes, I once was a sun bunny, long ago, but the sun damage has taken over my face and body (I harken back to the days of Crisco and iodine!), so those days are done. Also, my body can’t regulate my temperature anymore, thus even mild heat is oppressive. Perhaps your quiz honed in on the fact that I’m fearful of foul weather (thunderstorms, high winds, hurricanes), so it figured my desire to be 75 and sunny. Perhaps once, but now a cool, crisp fall day is more like it! Thank you for the entertainment!

  3. Rainy and 60 peaceful , relaxing , and a feeling of being alone , private.

  4. Yes! Stormy and 70!!!
    In SWFL i love watching storms roll in. The amount of power is amazing!!!

  5. Right on! The one thing I HATE about winter is hearing everyone whine about it. Get so sick of it, I might take a facebook vacation this year.

  6. Yes it is right Winter first then Fall. I do find the snow magical it’s like being in a snow globe. p.s. don’t tell my son he has to plow the snow.

  7. you hit it right on the head, I love sunny warm days, but my best days are warm rainy days and nights, it’s so peaceful and calming.

  8. Fave seasons are fall and spring 2nd. Dislike summer – hot, humid Midwest summers. Love soft snow falls no matter how deep

  9. Rainy and 60! Definitely me, love the spring and the fall not too happy when it’s too hot or too cold. A rainy day can be melancholy but it can also be very reflective and relaxing, I love a nice thunderstorm too!

  10. I think your answer about my favorite weather is pretty correct although I do like winter snow too. I hate hot weather and really like rainy days.

  11. While snowy and 25 is indeed lovely, and I do love watching it snow in the winter, my favorite season is fall, when the leaves are all sorts of fiery colors and the temps are not too hot and not too cold.

  12. Totally incorrect. I got snowy and 25. Hate the cold and abhor snow. I’m a summer lover!

  13. Maybe I got rainy and 60 because I live in Wyoming and while the 60 is right on the money for spring and summer……rain? In the high plains desert? Nah…..winter is my favorite time. Bring on the snow!

  14. Totally wrong. Winter is my least favorite season. Spring is my favorite. Lived in Minot, North Dakota for 4 years courtesy of the USAF. Never want to see that white stuff again. LOL

  15. I live in the desert, so I love a cool, rainy day. The world seems to quiet down….and the plants love it.

  16. Rainy and 60 degrees…yeah – I think that’s correct – at least this time of year when it’s sunny and very hot in the afternoon. We have 60’s in the early morning and I wouldn’t mind a bit of that all day right now!!! And we could sure use some rain right now to put down some of the wildfires. This quiz is also correct in nailing my favorite seasons as fall and spring.

  17. The answer ts totally incorrect. I am a Spring person. I enjoy warm weather, flowers popping out of the ground, birds tweeting and a total absence of
    snow and cold.

  18. While sunny and 75 is nice, I actually love watching the sky’s as storms develop and roll in. I’m fascinated by sever weather and how it’s created

  19. You were not even close. My results said I like summer best; however, I like summer least of all. I like fall, spring, winter, and summer in that order.

  20. I love winter. I love cold. Snowy and 25F is spot on. The only miss is that I like Spring as well – until it gets over 70F then I am not a fan anymore.

  21. Yeah,I agree,cold weather ok because with the cold⛄weather, can always dress warmer, hot weather not for me, can’t breath, sweeting, just unbearable for me

  22. My quiz said “Snowy and 25 degrees” and that’s right! With Fall a close second.

    1. I’m also Winter and 25 degrees. Ironic, since I live in the Bay Area, where we never get snow and the temps are usually around 40 degrees in winter, at it’s lowest. Occasionally, the temps will drop to 33 at night, but it’s rare. My mother was from the Midwest (Wisconsin), so maybe the cold weather is in my blood.

  23. Totally correct! Love the snow, ice skating and snow skiing – I’m a winter girl! Love fall, too, with the beautiful colors!

  24. Absolutely correct I love winter and fall is my second favorite. Good job!

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