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Quiz: This Color Test Will Reveal Your Ideal Weather Conditions

One of our favorite things about nature is how it can display a kaleidoscope of colors. From the bright blue sky down to the vividly green earth, there is endless color around us! If you haven’t recently stopped and appreciated the beauty around you in weather and nature, we suggest you do that today. Start by taking this quiz! All you have to do is choose which colorful weather or nature picture you’re most gravitated to, and voila! We will use magic to tell you what weather conditions you most prefer.

Well, what were your results? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It says winter but I don’t like cold, live snow though. Favorite is warm and sunny, beach girl.

  2. Don’t agree one bit……I am a true Winter person who truly loves cold cold weather……and I love cloudy cloudy weather and storms……rain and snow.

  3. Nope, snowy and 25 degrees is not my favorite weather! Give me a nice June day in Maine, before the humidity kicks in!

  4. Quiz results say Spring and Summer. I do enjoy sitting in the sun at the beach in the summer, however, Fall is really my favorite season. Love the crisp change in the air and the beauty of the leaves changing.

  5. Yes I DO LOVE Summer Storms!! I Love the energy and the charge I get from them. NO!! I DO NOT LIKE Summer, my favorite season is Fall with winter a close second. And YES I am very fascinated by the power of nature. It truly is AMAZING!! Not to shabby weather channel. Donna Senyk

  6. Sorry, Weather Channel folks — summer is not to my liking, but late autumn and all the months of winter (the colder and snowier, the better) are my favorite seasons.

  7. Although I do love the thunder & lightning storms, fall in northeast Ohio is my favorite season………

  8. backwards, fall is my fav. and a snowy look out the window like a little kid hoping for a snow day. but since im older, I snow bird my way to big pine key Florida, only problem is I can’t go anymore, stricken with R/A and osteo arthritis and bound to a wheelchair. it was fantastic while it lasted .stairs on every house are challenging as well.

  9. You had the right seasons, but reversed. My favorite is Fall, second is Winter – although living in Yuma, AZ I never get to experience either and I miss them.

  10. Weird as it might seem, I think 60 degrees and rainy is correct. Guess I’m weird.

  11. It said winter, and I’d say for me it’s, spring, fall, winter and then summer. Maybe because it’s so hot, winter appeals to me more right now?

  12. While i do love a good storm and 70 degree weather, i am not a summer person. My favorite season is Fall ! Love, love, love the colors, changing leaves, weather, etc. !

  13. The results for me, “Rainy and 60 degrees” is spot-on. I love rainy and snowy days and my favorite season is autumn with temperature in the 50s to low 60s.

  14. Actually, I like summer and warm. Winter and 25 is not for me!

  15. Snowy & 25*… yep. I would much rather deal with snow than summer heat, that’s why I love WY…. where it can be -30* 😆

  16. “Rainy & 60° … Whether you realize it or not, you love rainy weather. There’s something about it that helps you relax and unwind, and of course take a nap! You prefer the spring and fall seasons, when it’s not too hot or too cold.” Wow! Pretty dang close! I do love Spring and Fall, but I’d prefer about 68-70 for a temp.

  17. No, I like 65 degrees, or cooler, sunny is correct but 75 is too warm. My favorite seasons are fall & winter.

  18. Yes, I agree. I belong in San Diego or at least coastal Southern California.

  19. I got snowy and 25. That is the opposite of what I like. I love warm to hot weather with low humidity

  20. Love the thunderstorms, love spring and summer then fall. Winter I can do without

  21. Sunny and 75, that is me. I love summer and I love the sunshine – not that a good storm or a good snow storm isn’t just right sometimes, but give me hot summer sunshine most anytime.

  22. Disagree, I like 82 and sunny. Low dew points are my favorite days.

  23. Mixed bag, I do like rain so I can nap like spring and fall but live in south Florida gulf coast so it’s hot most of my time

  24. I am from the midwest and fall is my favorite season. I love the colors of the trees. I prefer the same weather-warm weather-now that I am older living in SW FL. I don’t like the cold at all, I like looking at pics of it but it is too cold for me anymore. Had enough snow in my life but I miss the snow for Christmas. I miss the decorations-etc.

  25. While I love being outdoors I prefer cooler weather and never bask in the sun. Only one season was correct.

  26. I hate the cold weather. I am a snowbird in winter. I like warm sunny blue sky weather!

  27. Quiz was totally wrong. I don’t like cold weather. I’m a sun person. Love the warm/hot weather.

  28. It says I love sunny and 75 and spring and summer. This is partly true. I love those seasons but for the storms not the sunshine! ☺️

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