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Quiz: This Color Test Will Reveal Your Ideal Weather Conditions

One of our favorite things about nature is how it can display a kaleidoscope of colors. From the bright blue sky down to the vividly green earth, there is endless color around us! If you haven’t recently stopped and appreciated the beauty around you in weather and nature, we suggest you do that today. Start by taking this quiz! All you have to do is choose which colorful weather or nature picture you’re most gravitated to, and voila! We will use magic to tell you what weather conditions you most prefer.

Well, what were your results? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. SPOT ON!!! I do love a gentle rain with out the lightning and thunder.

  2. Rainy and 60. That’s about right, especially when I’m watching from inside my house.

  3. Well this turned out perfect 👌 I love snow more than rain any day of the week although I do love a tornado here and there.

  4. Well, winter can be fun but it’s not my favorite. I moved away from the snow (Chicago) to warmer climates in the south. Fall is best for me.

  5. Sorry but you were wrong about me. I’m an autumn girl, plain and simple. Mountains. Woods. Rain. Leaves.

  6. You are so right!
    Snowy & 25°

    You tend to prefer cold conditions over warm conditions, meaning your favorite season is winter, with fall being a close second. Although people complain about snow, you find it mesmerizing and magical. It brings you a sense of peace like no other weather can!

  7. Yep, that’s me. I love a good rainy day. It makes me feel relaxed. Especially when it’s cold outside.

  8. I really love Fall and Winter the best. Here I am living in S.C. Moved from N.Y. to the south 30 years ago. Now my son wants me to move to Fla! Can’t figure that out!

  9. Snowy and 25 degrees? I may live in the north, but that is not my favorite weather!

  10. Sunny and 75? Couldn’t be more off the mark. I love dark skies, winter, and cold temps.

  11. Exact match! Sunny and cold 25degrees , perfect day for snowmobiling!

  12. You say I like 75 and sunny and prefer spring and summer.Ideally I prefer 40’s and 50.s.My favorite season in Fall then winter then spring.I dislike summer immensely

  13. Actually way off! I love spring and autumn, even though I was born in the summertime. I lived in Minnesota, 34 below winters, Colorado with 60 below wind chills. No thank you! I live in California now. Lovin’ it!

  14. Right on with Sunny & 75°! I love to be outdoors at any time of day or night, from 75 degrees down to maybe 5 degrees, if there’s no wind. BTW, Those clouds you said to pick were not storm clouds, unless they were on the outskirts of a storm. I’m from Oklahoma. I know about storm clouds. Those weren’t them! lol…

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