Quiz: What Kind of Cloud Are You?

Ahh, clouds. Every weather geek loves them and probably has way too many photos of them on their phone. Cumulus, cirrus, stratus, you name it! Which kind of cloud matches your personality? Take the quiz to find out!

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  1. Gee Wiz: My wife sent me this quiz, didn’t have any idea what to expect. As it turns out her and I are both Stratus, funny how things work out!

  2. I got Cumulus, which is a perfect description of me! I always enjoy looking at puffy Cumulus clouds, but the cumulonimbus clouds are also fun to look at! I would say I am a bright person, don’t know if I’m cheerful because I am shy at times. Overall, I would say my result is very close to matching my personality.

  3. Pretty much got my cloud right, but I love all types of cloud, as someone who flys kites I’m always watching the sky.

  4. I’d hoped I’d get Cumulus, and I did! My favorite cloud! I used to photograph them in my teens, just loved their lightness and encouragement.

  5. Cumulus

    You’re typically a bubbly and cheerful person, and because of that, people always take notice when you walk into a room. Your light follows you around and you always want to make sure others are cared for. Like the cumulus cloud, you make people smile!

  6. I am a
    Stratus Cloud

    Your close friends describe you as a very peaceful person. Your presence is calming for the most part, but you tend to be moody sometimes, especially when you’re around highly energetic people. Like the stratus cloud, you’re seen as serene and a bit mysterious.

  7. Altocumulus

    You’re the type of person that’s always organized and likes things to go your way. Can you be stubborn? Sometimes. But only because you have strong beliefs and stick to them. Like alto-cumulus clouds, people admire you and always notice your presence.

  8. Wow! Cumulus. That is a perfect description of my personality. Love these quizzes. Keep them coming.

  9. Alto cumulus is what the logarithm gave me. I wanted cumulonimbus!

  10. I’m cumulus…fairly accurate, though I’d have to see descriptions for the others to make a final judgement! Fun, in any event.

  11. Noctilucent

    You’re the type of person that people gravitate to, because your presence is truly captivating. You can be a bit misunderstood at times, but that doesn’t hold you back from being yourself. Like noctilucent clouds, people can’t help but want to know more about you.

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