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Quiz: These Cloud Questions Will Reveal Which Season You’re Like

Fall, winter, spring, summer… Each season has their own unique quirks and characteristics, so which one are you most like? Take the quiz to find out!

Tell us what season you got in the comments below!

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  1. Got it right, SPRING. After a cold winter I always look forward to the warmer weather and sneezing spring brings.

  2. Spring is my second favorite. Winter is my favorite. But then I live in California, not the East Coast or Med West and that makes a difference in preferences.

  3. I got spring! My favorite season is summer because I like warm weather (but not really a fan of hot and humid in the 90s), swimming, BBQs, and going to baseball games. Summer is the month that I find is the best time of the year to enjoy the outdoors. Spring is a close second, I like the flowers and spring means the start of baseball season but there are spring days that can be gray, cold, and rainy.

  4. Fall, the description was perfect. I do like fall but summer is my favorite season.

  5. I love Spring and that is what I got. It brings me joy and hope after living through the “mean” season of Winter.

  6. I got spring. I really like its description but my favorite season is right now, Autumn

  7. Fall. Spot on — though, I do not know how that could be deduced from these queries.

  8. I got summer – which is my 2nd favorite next to fall which is my first 🙂

  9. I got fall. I don’t like summer or winter so fall works for me!

  10. This quiz believes I am most like fall, but I much prefer summer. Maybe that’s the difference beween personality and preference.

  11. Got Autumn, that’s always been my season. To me the calendar starts and ends at the autumnal equinox.

  12. I am surprised I got Winter. I am always a nervous wreck when Winter rolls around especially when I know loved ones are on the road.

  13. Wow, I really thought I’d get something else, but alas, I got Fall. Not that I’m mad at that outcome because I do love Fall. Spring is more my fave, though.

  14. I’m a winter gal. And the season I’m most like is…….. Drum roll please……..
    Winter season!! Yay Me!!

  15. I’m summer but love fall. Though naming that cloud was random. Looked more like a Tom (turkey) to me. 😉

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