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Quiz: We Can Guess What Season You Were Born In

As an individual, you’re molded by family, friends, your atmosphere, and even the season you were born in. Do you think we have what it takes to determine what season of the year your birthday is in? There’s only one way to find out… Take the quiz below!

Well, what were your results? Did we get it right or were we way off? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Waaaay off! You came up with Spring and I was born in the Fall – September 28. Sorry guys.

  2. Exact opposite. Mine says Winter and I was born in May, but the personality seemed fairly accurate.

  3. Off by about half a year as I was born at the end of November, still, I DO LOVE Spring – but I also LOVE Autumn just as much.

  4. The first time I played they got it right(Spring) but when I played a different one, they actually picked my favorite season (Winter) and Winter sounds a lot like me. So maybe I am a Winter baby, born in the Spring.

  5. Wrong. I was born in winter, you guessed summer. However both parents were born in summer, mother on the 4th of july and father right after labor day.

  6. Were you talking astronomical , meteorological or retailers spring? Either way it was incorrect; pretty much in the dead of winter, end of January.

  7. You were off. You picked Spring and I was born in Novemeber. However, I was premature and I think I was supposed to be a late Winter early Spring baby.