A pun-tastic Halloween celebration!

This Halloween at The Weather Channel, we wanted to have a little fun with our meteorologists and came up with some costume ideas for them that are, well, punny.  Tell us which costumes are your favorite!

Jim Can-Dory

A few of you may remember that, like the inspiration for his costume, Dory, Cantore actually did find Nemo…well, Winter Storm Nemo, at least.  The storm, one of the first major snowstorms after The Weather Channel started naming winter storms, certainly packed a bigger punch that that little clownfish.  Lucky for us, no matter how big the weather is, Jim Cantore always keeps a positive attitude and, like Dory, he just keeps swimming.


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Mark “Elliot with E.T.”

If you’re going to go trick-or-treating with Mark Elliott, you better have some Reese’s Pieces for him and his new friend.  Otherwise, he just may phone home and, well, you may not like it when he calls for backup.


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Reynolds “Teen Wolf”

Has anyone actually seen Reynolds Wolf after dark?  We know he’s there for viewers in the morning, then leaves the studio and then…who knows.  All we know is if anyone sees a charismatic, well groomed, overly hairy (and we mean OVERLY HAIRY) man dunking a basketball at the local gym, please let us know.  Michael J. Fox may not be the only Teen Wolf after all.


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“Kylo Jen” Carfagno

Jen Carfagno: so sweet, so informative, so…dark?  The force is strong in her and, depending on who you ask in the galaxy, it might be too strong.  But don’t worry, once Halloween is over, Kylo Jen will revert back to everyone’s favorite Dewpoint Diva, Jen.


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Stephanie “Abrams-ham Lincoln”

This election season would you rather support Hillary, Trump or a candidate we all can agree on: Abrams-ham Lincoln.  Four scores and seven years ago, Stephanie Abrams set forth to bring our great nation an energetic way to get your daily dose of weather.  Okay, so it was considerably less than four scores and seven years ago, but you get the idea.  What do you say, We Love Weather fans–does she have your vote?


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Mike Bettes on Weather Underworld

When Mike Bettes steps out of Weather Underground, he steps into the darkness of Weather Underworld, a place where vampires and werewolves battle for supremacy.   Lucky for the vampires, they’ve got Bettes on their side.  And he’s ready to do whatever it takes to wipe the werewolves off the map (sorry, Reynolds!).


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Alex “Wilson”

Everything is fun and games until you get stuck on a deserted island for four years.  But the time would certainly pass a little more quickly if Tom Hanks’ friend “Wilson” was there with you.  And, for what it’s worth, we like to think that our “Wilson” is a little bit better of a conversationalist.


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Kelly Cass-powski

As Mr. Belding would say, “hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?”  We’ll tell you exactly what’s going on–Kelly Cass-powski is excited to give out some Buddy Bands this Halloween!  But you better act fast before the Bayside’s rival, Valley, catches wind.  Those jerks are known for ruining fun for Zach, Kelly, and the whole gang.

Kelly Cass-powski_SBTB

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Carl “Jurassic Park-er”

Cue the epic John Williams score when you see Carl running through the valley!  You never know what dangers lurk when Jurassic Park-er is nearby–storms could be brewing over the Atlantic or, you know, velociraptors could be trying to tear your whole family apart.  Whatever you do, pay attention to what he has to say.  You’ve been warned!


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Maria La-Rose-a

Near, far, wherever you are, I beli–okay, okay, we’ll spare you from getting that song stuck in your head.  As Maria La-Rose-a, Maria lives out every young woman’s fantasy in 1912: board the Titanic and fall in love.  Lucky for us, Maria never actually boarded the ship and can keep delivering the latest weather updates every weekend!

Endlich entschlie?t sich Rose (Kate Winslet), in Amerika mit Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) von Bord zu gehen. Da passiert es: die Titanic kollidiert mit einem Eisberg und beginnt zu sinken.

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Boo Ostro

Many of you follow senior meteorologist Stu Ostro on social media and read his articles on this site, but for a lot of people, Stu is a behind the sheet–er, scenes–expert and unsung hero who helps bring weather to life.  This Halloween, you may see his alter ego, Boo Ostro, roaming a cemetery or abandoned building.  If you do, say hello. He’s friendly…we think.  Bwahahahaha.


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  1. What about Mike Seidel? We like him best. We like some of the others very much – the ones who contribute good facts about the weather. But a far as personality goes – it is Mike Seidel.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I present us “Lihamma” @liana-brackett, who is known for throwing down the hammer when she demands that our stalwartly stout winds calm down. Her sidekick is Red Jean Grey (@kcass), whose telekinetic powers send the storms running for their lives. #supergirls 🏛⚖

  3. @haleybrennan, how about we assign our superb hurricane expert Dr. @twcerikanavarro the cyclonic creepy name “Hurr-Erik-ane” Navarreta? If there is a hurricane in the Atlantic Basin, then it must not mess with Erika. Otherwise, she immediately tears the hurricane apart into smithereens. #sayonarahuracanas 🌬

  4. Loved seeing everyone having a ball for Halloween Holiday. (Laugh) Your costumes’ were “Awesome” and had me laughing up a storm. The Characters that everyone selected were very appropriate for each one! You give us the weather daily for home and around the world. My big smile is to everyone. You keep us in the know no matter what the weather is, I like that!
    White LIly

  5. They were all good sports! Did they get a treat? I hope so. Candy, coffee/donuts?

  6. Alex Wilson FTW! This is what happens with too much time on your hands and too much Halloween candy!! Woo-Hoo!

    1. The next president of the United States of America should be @stephanieabrams-ham. #usawxprez 🇺🇸✅

  7. I think what’s really spooky are the scientists posting YouTube videos explaining in great detail that climate change is accelerating so much beyond what the IPCC has stated in their report: our own extinction is thought “already baked in” to happen in the next century. Already it’s projected 66% of animal species may become extinct soon after 2020.
    I for one would prefer hearing the weather channel staff making sense of all this including identifying sources, modeling, your own thought and concerns, because this obviously means much higher sea levels sooner making trillions of dollars in assets uninsurable long before that implied damage is done not to mention the sooner migrations of millions where they may not be wanted.
    This is a very serious subject that needs to be discussed openly and honestly by all. THAT is REALLY SCARY!

  8. Nope, Reynolds Wolfenstein knocks it out of the park.. BEST!!
    I recently realized that Tom Hanks wife is named.. WILSON!!!
    Rita that is…

  9. They all looked really great, now if we could have them wear the costumes when reporting the type of weather they represent that would be really cool.

      1. Kylo “Jen” Carfagno….? Funny!!!! 🙂 just wondering, is Jen Carfagno a Star Wars fan??? On the dark side??

  10. Wow! Here’s a Halloween joke I know Abrams will enjoy: a skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer and a mop!

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