Prepare for Winter Storm Helena

Winter Storm Helena is about to enter the southeast and has the potential to bring significant amounts of snowfall. Be prepared by listening closely and learning from the videos and tips below. Tips for everything from driving to staying warm can be found below, so ensure your safety by brushing up on the facts on snowfall in the south.


Driving in snow is not something everyone is used to. Get tips on the best practices for driving in snowy conditions in the south from Car Coach Lauren Fix:


If you have to leave your home during a snowstorm, it is essential to know how to get your car unstuck from snow. Meteorologist Mark Elliot has creative tips and tricks for this sticky situation below:


Mark Elliot saves the day again by showing you ways you can use household items to speed up the defrosting and scraping process:

Power Outages

If power lines go down or the cold somehow impacts your electricity accessibility, here are unique ways to use objects around your house to keep you out of the dark.

Staying Warm

Most of the southeast will be experiencing cold temperatures along with snowfall, so it’s vital to know easy ways to stay warm during chilly times.

Winter Safety IQ Quiz

Now that you’ve brushed up on tips for driving, power outages, and keeping warm, test your skills to see if you know what to do in tricky winter situations with our Winter Safety Quiz.

Do not brush off this winter storm as if it won’t affect you. It’s better to be prepared and knowledgable about what to do in this type of situation rather than be clueless. Pass along this article to people you know that will also be impacted by Winter Storm Helena, and stay safe!