Powering Through the Storm

Hurricane season is ramping up. The United States has been in somewhat of a “hurricane landfall” drought over the past decade, but many tropical meteorologists are expecting a fairly active peak season. In fact, as I write this, two Invests (99L and 90L) are being watched in the Atlantic Basin. One of the most significant ways that hurricanes or tropical systems affects the public is power loss.

Have you ever thought how power companies plan for such weather? I have. But if you haven’t, I bet you do when you are sitting around after a storm waiting for your power to return.

There are so many ways that weather (ice storms, wind, thunderstorms, hurricanes, heat, cold, and so forth) affect the daily operations of a power company. In fact, some energy and power companies carry meteorologists on their staff for this reason. Florida’s largest power company is one of them. Florida Power and Light (FPL) meteorologist Tim Drum and spokesperson Bill Orlove join me on Weather Geeks this Sunday to discuss how meteorology plays such a critical role in managing your power and keeping your lights on when bad weather strikes.

As fascinating as that discussion is, the weather geek in you (like me) will love the cool drones and other technological advances that FPL is using to keep your power on (or get it back on). We even have some of this technology in the studio.

And we can’t end this blog without giving a special shout-out to Tyler Mauldin who supports FPL as a spokesperson. Tyler is also a meteorologist and one of my former students at the University of Georgia. He messaged me with the idea for this show.

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