Pattern: An Intersection of Science, Technology, & Culture

If you’re the type of person that enjoys all-things-science, has a fascination for weather, and likes staying in the know about the latest tech happenings across the globe, then I have one question for you: Have you heard of Pattern?

Pattern is a new Twitter account that’s a must-follow for all science lovers. The stories they tell center around the most captivating weather and science phenomena around the world (and beyond) and invoke fascination, curiosity, and inspiration. It’s all the stories your science-loving self could ever care about, all told through a unique weather lens.

When you follow Pattern on Twitter, you’ll be able to have an entire world of science and technology at your fingertips. For instance, the first week was all about the sun in honor of the Parker Solar Probe launch. Did you know that the distance across the sun is equivalent to the drive from NYC to LA times 308?! These are the sort of mind-blowing facts you never knew you needed. Lucky for you, Pattern is full of those!

What other cool things can you do with this account? So glad you asked!

Uncover the amazing science behind meteor showers:

Learn about why solar probes don’t melt when they reach the sun:

Wrap your head around the fact that solar wind can blow up to 1,864,113 mph:

And more!

Deepen your connection to the science of the world around you and beyond by following Pattern today!

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