One Million Accidents Every Year Are Caused by This Weather Condition

If you’ve ever driven on a road, you know how much weather can impact driving conditions. Everything from rain, sleet, snow, and even wet pavement can cause tragedy on highways and roads. The crash and death statistics from the Federal Highway Administration are shocking, and further show how important it is to be aware of your surroundings and stay off the road in dangerous conditions.

The number of crashes per year due to wet pavement? Nearly one million. Wet pavement is the leading cause for car accidents, followed by rain. Sleet and snow attribute to over 200,000 crashes, icy pavement for over 150,000, and slushy pavement for 174,446. Don’t let even the smallest amounts of rain or slush fool you- take extra precaution when the road isn’t a normal, dry condition.


Unsurprisingly, wet pavement is attributed to the most deaths on the road per year too. The higher number of accidents caused = the higher chance of death. Nearly 4,500 people are killed every year due to wet pavement, over 2,700 from rainy driving conditions, 739 from snow/sleet, and under 600 for both icy and slushy pavement. If these numbers indicate anything, it’s this: no mater the condition of the road, drivers need to take it slow and know what’s happening around them.


Too many people suffer each year due to crashes and deaths caused by weather conditions. If you absolutely have to get on the road, drive slowly and watch your surroundings carefully. Get tips on how to drive as safely as possible in wintry conditions from Stephanie Abrams, who will show you how visibility and tire traction are affected by various types of precipitation.

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  1. Yeah,and its probably the same million people who cause those accidents year after year. Slow down,OK? Slooow dowwwwn.

  2. So very true! Wet roads is not the kind to pass other cars when in a hurry. Seen a few drivers that escaped barely missing another car. Whew! Happy that there was no accidents, but scared emotions.

  3. I have another suggestion. Please slow down. You cannot drive at the posted speed in bad weather. In snow and ice you loose control of the car very easily and once the car starts to slide around it is almost impossible to control it. Slow down and get there in good health instead of driving fast and not getting where you wanted to go due to an accident.

  4. Here in the Desert Southwest we average about 9″ of rain a year. It rains so infrequently that many drivers discover that their wiper blades are shot when it does rain! I have seen dozens of fender benders just because of the poor visibility caused by worn out wipers. Wherever you live, please check your wipers often. It’s as easy as spraying the hose on the windshield and trying them. That should be easy for those of us that wash their cars regularly.

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