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One Meteorology Lecture Changed My Life

I love seeing girls in elementary, middle and high school taking an interest in science.  When I was growing up, these classes were never promoted to me – instead, I took a lot of writing and creative classes.  By the time I enrolled in college I’d never even taken a physics class!  I thought I would pursue a career in sports journalism, but it just wasn’t clicking for me.  When a meteorologist came to talk to our class, I remember thinking, “I do watch The Weather Channel all the time!”  Weather had fascinated me, I just hadn’t ended up taking a path where I’d learn more about the sciences.  So with that, I thought, “I’m doing this!” and enrolled at Penn State to get a meteorology degree.  I started coursework – including my first ever physics class! – three days after my Syracuse graduation.

Was it tough?  You bet!  There were times when the coursework seemed foreign and I wanted to cry and give up… but I made it.  Science education promotes a real environment of teamwork, as you’ll often rely on study groups or even tutors to help you learn the material.  And that is great, since it gets you ready for the real world (and helps you meet/work with some awesome people)!  It’s a totally different kind of education than other subjects and courses, and I learned so much from the material and the people I was surrounded by (and still do!).

I have seen in the past decade that schools or educators aren’t suggesting girls take more creative classes and men take more science classes, and it’s awesome.  It seems we’re removing the stigmas of what coursework is best for whom.  There are so many smart girls and women getting into the sciences and it’s really exciting to see.  My favorite thing is when I hear from a young girl with an interest in weather and science, because I know it’s our future.  So I always tell people, if something is interesting to you – learn about it!  Take a class, read a book or watch a program about it – it may be your future career!

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  1. And thank you for helping me being more interested in weather and I got me a weather sation now thank you for that too:)

  2. I’m glad you have chosen to be at the weather channel and I hope you see me there as a meteorologist working for you and the others go Alex!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Alex, I understand, when you wrote that coursework seemed foreign and you wanted to cry and give up. You didn’t, therefore you went for the stars! I have been there and I did cry…. and went for the stars, but in a different field. True, one does rely on study groups and tutors. I enjoy watching you on TWC, keep up the great work! A fan of The Weather Channel.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I learned an important lesson in perseverance – it was hard but if you put your mind to it you can make it happen!!

  4. Hey, Mrs. Wilson. For the most part my mom(81 yrs young) watches the local channels. But, she’s got satellite just so she can tune to the weather channel. Sometimes we sit and watch you guys for hours. Y’all make weather so interesting. Keep up the good work!

    1. So happy to hear this – and please tell her hi! Glad to hear we’re keeping it fun and interesting for you!

  5. Enjoyed reading of how you got into weather. Our family loves watching you and Mike Bettes and the rest of the crew on weather underground. Your personalities work so well together especially with the occasional song and dance during the 6 pack video segment. One thing we do miss is Dave Swartz and his famous chalkboard segments. Keep up the good work. Give us a shout for Coon Rapids, Mn

    1. Thank you so much — we like our songs and we’re glad you do, too! We miss Dave a lot as well. So glad you’re watching!

  6. Alex, I totally enjoy reading your story about your famous meteorology lecture. In addition, I contemplated your articulation about females in STEM. In fact, this is an impeccable article for every girl to read. You made my day!

    I wish that we not only have more women in STEM but also witness their dreams come true. This is affirmative when it comes to meteorology, especially at The Weather Channel.

    Female meteorologists prove continuously that they are just as terrific as anybody else. I give all the #wxwomen 10 out 10 stars. I have been a colossal fan and supporter of The Weather Channel; and I hope that you feel that way too. Bring it on! #wxgirlsrule 😀

    By the way, I thank you for my autographed picture that I got from you. It was wonderful. You are one of my favorite personalities at TWC. I enjoy watching you all the time. Be yourself and enjoy! #girlpower

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