A Mysterious New Show is Coming to TWC…

Do you like mysteries? Do you like murder mysteries? Do you like weather-themed murder mysteries? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re going to be really pumped about this.

The Weather Channel is excited to announce a thrilling new series coming to the network this fall… Storm of Suspicion! Each episode of this bone-chilling show will explore crimes committed that involved weather in some capacity. Some criminals used the weather as an alibi. Some used it to cover up their criminal acts. Some were exposed by it. Perhaps you’ve heard a handful of these stories on the national news before, but you might have known the role weather played in each of them.

The stories told by this series are truly unbelievable and will leave you with chills from head to toe. Guaranteed.

This is a premiere you do not want to miss! Be on the lookout for Storm of Suspicion coming to The Weather Channel this fall.

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  1. I can’t wait for this show! I’ve written a murder mystery that takes place in a vegetable garden, and weather is a big part of the plot!

  2. Oh-Boy, Just what we need! More stories about weather. How about just telling us the weather or what you think tomorrows weather might be!

  3. That makes three of us. I’ve had and dumped cable vision and Comcast because they were awful. I wish FioS would bring back TWC.

    1. Ditto that. It’s my only complaint about Verizon, but it’s a BIG one. But hey, Weather Channel, it’s 2018: when are you going to offer a standalone, for-pay streaming service?

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