The Missing Link In Weather: A Discussion with ClimaCell

Loving weather is not just about cool pictures of tornadoes, sunsets, or lightning. Loving the weather is about understanding every “nook and cranny” of the weather community. I really feel like we are in the Golden age of meteorology right now. Why do I say that? If you have seen the amazing GOES-16 imagery, you probably can understand what I mean. But it is not just cool satellites like GOES-16 or GPM. The modeling capabilities of the Euro, updated GFS, and HRRR are changing the game and so are things like dual-polarization radar. Drones are flying over tornadic storms and hurricanes too.

What makes this era particularly exciting is that we are just scratching the surface. There is still so much that we do not know about the atmosphere, weather, and climate. There are still innovative ways to gather information that have not even been thought of you.

A new company called ClimaCell is trying to get ahead of the curve on some of those thoughts. They claim to be the missing link in weather and their Twitter handle is @WeatherRevealed. Their website opens with: The First New Source of Weather Data Since Radar (with street-level precision). Ok, they are a private company so they have to market themselves, but it is fascinating to watch innovation play out within the weather field. ClimaCell is using meteorological signals from wireless and communication networks in conjunction with more standard weather data. They have a client base that includes the aviation, insurance, entertainment, emergency management, and other industries that touch our lives.

I cannot speculate on the company successes or claims, but I do no they are doing weather observations and forecasting in a very different way. This Sunday on Weather Geeks I sit down with Rei Goffer of ClimaCell. He is an MIT-Harvard trained guy that also spent 8 years in the Israeli Air Force. Goffer takes me on a fascinating trip through the operations, philosophy, and potential of their new company.

I will let you ultimately decide if they are on to something.

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