Mini Meteorologists Visit The Weather Channel Studios!

Thursday, July 12 was a very special day at The Weather Channel! Four “mini meteorologists” who have a passion for all-things-weather visited the studios in Atlanta for a day full of fun. These four kids were chosen out of hundreds to be the winners for Lands’ End ‘Love Learning’ contest. The initiative aims to keep kids learning all throughout the year, and in order to win this amazing prize, students across America submitted essays about their love of meteorology!

The winners, Duncan (Rhode Island), Katarina (Maryland), Tyler (New Hampshire), and Brayden (Texas) took a tour of TWC, spent a day with the meteorologists, and did a weather report on air! Check out some behind the scenes photos of their time at the studios as well as their LIVE debuts!

Stephanie Abrams and Brayden during his live forecast
Reynolds Wolf and Duncan during his live forecast
Jim Cantore and Duncan being goofy on the AMHQ set
The AMHQ gang with Duncan and Brayden
The AMHQ gang in the Weather Underground cave with Brayden and Duncan sporting their new Lands’ End gear
Mike Bettes and Alex Wilson with Tyler and Katarina in the Weather Underground cave
The WU gang plays “Over or Under” with Katarina and Tyler
The WU Gang with Katarina and Tyler sporting their new Lands’ End gear
Chris Bruin hangs out in the Lab with all four “mini meteorologists”
Liana Brackett showing Katarina around the Weather Center Live set

Watch Duncan and Brayden’s debut here:

Watch Katarina and Tyler’s debut here:

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  1. Who has the brightest red lips on TWC? It is @stephanieabrams. Who is the cutest redhead on TWC? It is @alexwilson. Who is half-Mexican, half-Latina, and a rookie pageant queen? It is @liana-brackett. Who is the diva of both hurricanes and tropical storms on TWC? It is my favorite hurricane expert Dr. @twcerikanavarro. What do those ladies have in common? They are at TWC to keep us safe, to inform us, and to make us more astute. What a wonderful article this story is! #minimetsonTWC 😀

    1. Whoever wrote this stalwart story, whether it is @haleybrennan or someone else, did an outstanding job writing it. Kudos to everyone at The Weather Channel for making meteorology, as well as STEM, a lot of fun! #minimetsmeetTWCpros 🙂

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