Chris Bruin

On-Camera Meteorologist

Chris Bruin is an on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel television network. Typically he can be found during the week in the afternoons on Weather Center Live, but makes many appearances on AMHQ and even Weather Underground. If a major weather event is threatening America, oftentimes Chris will be out in the field, covering the storm first-hand with his energetic expertise and a splash of creativity.

Prior to joining The Weather Channel, Bruin served as the Morning Meteorologist at KIFI-Local News 8, which includes the ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates in East Idaho and Western Wyoming and covers hub cities of Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Jackson Hole. With his forecasting experience in the Northern Rockies, Bruin has covered wildfires, extreme heat waves, hurricane-force winds, flash flooding, severe thunderstorms, heavy snowstorms, avalanches and dangerously-cold temperatures. Bruin began his weather journey as a Broadcast Forecaster at WFSU-TV.

Being a Florida native, Bruin grew up in the quaint beach town of Naples, Florida. As a kid he would be captivated by the summertime thunderstorms that would pop up like clockwork during the afternoons each day. Even the rare cold fronts that would make it all the way through South Florida would cause him to study it further. He would even chart how often the temperature would drop below 60° each winter in his hometown. As curious as he was with the weather and a yearning to pursue a career in the field, Bruin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology from Florida State University in 2014!

During his young career at The Weather Channel, Bruin has covered some very historic storms right off the bat, including some of the most notable storms, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Florence & Michael. Bruin also educated viewers through his Total Solar Eclipse coverage in 2017 and intense winter storms including the Bomb Cyclone in the Plains during the 2018-2019 winter season, where winds gusted near 80mph for hours on end in Rapid City, SD.

Even though the weather is a daily part of Bruin’s life, when Chris is not on the air, he is enjoying time with his wife and adventurous pup! More often than not, Chris and his wife can be found camping in some of the most epic spots around the country, spending time in the community with their local church or huddled up in their favorite coffee shop.


Where are you from?
Born and raised in Naples, Florida.
Where did you go to college?
Florida State University
What’s your favorite season?
Summer by far! (After surviving 3 winters out in Idaho, you’d understand why!)
What’s your favorite weather memory?
Whoa, that’s a toughie! There are several! If I had to pick one I’d say driving through a severe thunderstorm over the Teton Pass. I remember the skies turning exceptionally dark and seeing a very ominous shelf cloud of the approaching storm, heading right towards me! Hail began falling in torrents and the winds howled through the mountain valley. The highway quickly turned to white as the hail piled up. And I remember the sound of the hail pounding against the car sounding more and more like a war zone. This was the point at which my excitement and thrill of experiencing a storm of this magnitude turned more towards fear. In fact, it was quite a humbling experience and showed me how small we really are in the big scheme of things!
What is your most memorable/funniest on-camera moment?
Hands down, the funniest on-camera moment I remember was reporting the weather live from the fair in Eastern Idaho. The reporter who was tossing over to me was very short, and I guess I am very tall, so I’m told! But when they panned over to include both her and I in the shot, the cameraman forgot to zoom out, so as I’m giving the forecast, the viewers can see the reporter and just my stomach with the microphone.
What would people be surprised to know about you?
It may not be a surprise to some, but nevertheless I love the outdoors! Go figure the weatherman loves to be outside. But in all honesty my all time favorite activity is hiking and exploring any and all things outdoors. In fact I specifically LOVE to climb mountain summits! Prior to The Weather Channel, I was living out in Idaho and I had a goal to climb 6 mountains each summer. I still plan on climbing mountains as much as I can and whenever I get the time!
What sparked your passion for weather?
For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the weather and drawn to storms and hurricanes. Growing up in South Florida, being at the beach and looking inland during the summer with the typical afternoon thunderstorms building on the horizon always put a smile on my face! I remember setting my alarm clock to ring at ridiculous hours of the night just so I could be up to see the storms move through.
If you could only have one piece of weather data what would you choose and why?
I would have to say the clouds. I know it isn’t high tech but there is so much that the clouds can tell us about the weather. It far surpasses any one instrument. Clouds can show incoming storms, approaching fronts, where rain is possible, where strong winds are, and where instability and stability is, and many other things like fair weather, how long it’ll likely stay sunny, and if it is going to be an epic sunset (you can thank the clouds for that!) Plus they’re just as amazing to watch and photograph too! We may be in the 21st century but just like our forefathers and times past, the clouds have so much to tell us today as they did way back when!
What do you want to say to our fans?
There is nothing that I love more than connecting with all of our fans! Anytime you have a question or would like more information on a particular weather topic or situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Also by all means, send in those awesome weather pics and even a cool sunset or landscape photo and I will do the same! Volunteering and getting out and about is something I love to do, so if you have a request please reach out!