Alex Wilson

On-Camera Meteorologist and Co-Host,
"Weather Underground"

Alex Wilson joined The Weather Channel in March 2013.  Previously, she worked as the morning meteorologist on WHNS-TV/FOX Carolina (Greenville, SC) since March 2010. Alexandra also worked as a meteorologist at WOWK-TV and WVNS-TV in Huntington, WV for two years.

Alex grew up in Macungie, PA, and studied at Syracuse University and Penn State University. She graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in both broadcast journalism and marketing from Syracuse University in May 2006. In December 2007, she graduated with distinction from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology.

Alex holds the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation from the American Meteorological Society (#357). At Penn State, she was awarded the AMS John R. Hope Endowed Scholarship in Atmospheric Science (endowed by The Weather Channel), the Joel N. and Peggy Myers Scholarship in Meteorology (from the PSU Department of Meteorology) and the John and Elizabeth Holmes Teas Scholarship (from the PSU College of Earth and Mineral Sciences).  At Syracuse, she was awarded the Chauncey D. Holmes Award for excellence in Geology, and was honored as one of the top seniors in the Whitman School of Management (Whitman Scholar).

Alex loves all things pop culture! She has two spoiled dogs, and is a self proclaimed foodie. She enjoys group fitness, exploring local restaurants and traveling. She also cheers on Syracuse, Penn State and Philly sports teams.


Where are you from?
I'm from Macungie, PA (just outside Allentown and about an hour north of Philadelphia)
Where did you go to college?
I went to Syracuse University, where I got degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Marketing. Just before senior year I decided to pursue this career path, so after graduating from SU I enrolled at Penn State and got a degree in Meteorology there!
What’s your favorite season?
Fall! I love when the weather gets cooler and you can open up the windows at night.
How long have you been with The Weather Channel?
I joined The Weather Channel in March 2013.
What’s your favorite weather memory?
My favorite weather memory is the crazy lake effect snow that would come down in Syracuse. I remember looking out at our parking lot by the dorm and not being able to see cars, just "lumps" in the otherwise even snow.
What is your most memorable/funniest on-camera moment?
Gosh, there are so many - especially when you have worked with Dave Schwartz!! One of the funnier moments was when he rolled the demonstration hailstone right off the desk (the producers have a great slo-mo of that moment)! Also, I love bringing my dogs in and they have had a few opportunities to be "tv stars!”
What would people be surprised to know about you?
I planned on working as a sportscaster when I went to college. I wanted to cover NHL hockey - but later realized that I wanted to be a meteorologist. So while I was always interested in weather, I didn't think of it as a career possibility until later in life.
What sparked your passion for weather?
The Weather Channel! A meteorologist came to speak to my class at Syracuse, and I remember thinking "I do watch a lot of TWC, maybe this is the job for me!" I remember watching it all the time in school.
If you could only have one piece of weather data what would you choose and why?
That's tough! I'm totally "Team Carfagno" and my first inclination was dew point... but I guess I'd need the temperature as well!!
What do you want to say to our fans?
You all make our job so rewarding and also such a blast! I am so lucky to work with such accomplished and amazing people, and to share our passion with such a devoted fan base is an absolute joy!