Alex Wallace

On-Camera Meteorologist

Alex Wallace has been an on-camera meteorologist at The Weather Channel since May 2006. A member of the National Weather Association, Alex handles double duties, forecasting on the network and for broadband/mobile products on

Alex is a graduate of the University of Georgia where he earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast news along with a certificate in new media studies. He also earned a master’s degree in geosciences with an emphasis in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University. In Mississippi, Alex forecasted for the local Starkville area and earned a “Top 5 Percent Forecaster Award” in the National Collegiate Weather Forecasting Contest.

While in graduate school, he had the wonderful opportunity to intern at The Weather Channel.  During his internship, he learned from some of the best meteorologists in the country and eventually landed his first career job at The Weather Channel. Alex has been fascinated with weather since he was young. He says, “What other career would allow me to talk about and forecast the weather?  A real dream come true.”

In May of 2012, Alex was honored with the John E. Drewry Award for Young Alumni Achievement by the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. An avid sports fan, particularly Georgia Football; he roots for his Bulldogs every Saturday in the Fall. He also loves music and has a passion for film.


Where are you from?
Born in Wimbledon, England but I moved to the States when I was 5 so I remember nothing. I grew up in the DC area and moved to Atlanta in high school. Been in the ATL ever since.
Where did you go to college?
My freshman year I went to the University of Miami to study Meteorology. I had to leave because, honestly, we couldn't afford the tuition. So I transferred to the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS) where I studied Broadcast Journalism. Then I made my way to Starkville, MS aka Starkvegas where I studied Broadcast Meteorology at Mississippi State University.
What's your favorite season?
I love Fall. Living in the South, it's that time of the year when you finally get a break from the ridiculous humidity and you can actually go outdoors without immediately breaking out into a sweat. Plus, it's when football season begins, and I'm a HUGE football fan.
How long have you been with The Weather Channel?
I started in May 2006. Pretty crazy to think that I've been here so long. Time flies!
What's your favorite weather memory?
The Blizzard of '93 aka The Storm of the Century. It was what cemented my love for all things weather. I was 12 years old at the time and was living in PG County, Maryland. This thing dumped a ton of snow - more than I had ever seen. It was up to my waist. From that day, I wanted to know the how and why behind our weather. Plus, we got off from school for an entire week. Can't beat that.
What is your most memorable/funniest on-camera moment?
I was working an early morning shift here at The Weather Channel. At the time, I was working alongside another African-American, and we were set to ask Al Roker what was coming up next on his show. So I ask Al and he lets everyone know what is coming up. When he tosses it back to me he says, "Hey Alex, can I ask you a question?" I say, "Sure thing.” In my mind, I'm thinking it will be something weather related. He asks, "How many times have you seen three black guys on The Weather Channel at the same time?" In my head, I heard cars screeching to a stop and sirens going off. I'm pretty sure my eyeballs briefly popped out of their sockets. All I could do was laugh. It was a hilarious moment. It even made TMZ.
What would people be surprised to know about you?
I'm the biggest Kanye West fan!!! I also have an ability to memorize rap song lyrics in a very short amount of time. Although, as I'm getting older, it's getting tougher. Plus, it's getting harder and harder to even understand some of these younger rappers.
What sparked your passion for weather?
See my answer about my favorite weather memory.
If you could only have one piece of weather data what would you choose and why?
Give me a plotted Skew-T diagram and I'm good. From that diagram, I can get temperature, dew point, wind speed and direction throughout the atmosphere at a location. From those observations, I can then calculate many things that would be useful in figuring out a forecast.
What do you want to say to our fans?
Don't be afraid to reach out and talk to us. One of my favorite things to do during the work day is answer a question or chat with someone on Twitter or Facebook. I actually like to hear from you! I won't bite!