See the Meteor Outburst Tonight!

A brief and brilliant flurry of hundreds of shooting stars may be visible near the Unicorn constellation TONIGHT at 11:50pm ET! This event, known as a “meteor outburst”, is a rare occasion and a big deal for any stargazer. Here’s what it means when there’s a meteor outburst:

So, how can you get the best look at meteors tonight? For optimal viewing, position yourself in an area where there’s minimal light pollution- that means stay away from big cities and heavily populated areas. Take a better look at the cloud cover expected tonight to see if you’ll have clear skies:

This will be a short-lived but legendary event, so set your alarms and be sure to head outside around 11:40pm ET tonight!

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  1. The Power Rangers are probably chanting, “triceratops unicorn thunderzord power” when they hear about this meteor outburst. #unicornmeteor 🙂

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