Women in Weather: Maria LaRosa

This week we are celebrating the wonderful women at The Weather Channel! Not only are they strong and smart scientists, but they are also an inspiration to millions of females who are, or will be, in STEM fields.

Maria LaRosa is an on-camera meteorologist on The Weather Channel. She has over a decade of broadcast meteorology experience, most recently providing the weekday morning forecast for Philadelphia on CBS 3 and The CW Philly’s Eyewitness News This Morning.

Prior to her time in Philadelphia that began in 2004, LaRosa was the weekend meteorologist at WXIX-TV, the Fox station in Cincinnati, Ohio. Previously, she was a meteorologist and anchor for WTVM-TV, the ABC station in Columbus, Georgia.

LaRosa holds a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Penn State University. She was also a teaching assistant for the University’s introductory meteorology course before graduating in 1998. LaRosa holds the new CBM (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist) Seal from the AMS, considered the gold standard of accreditation in her field.

We asked The Weather Channel’s female on-camera meteorologists to answer questions about their fellow co-worker, and this is what they had to say about the awe-inspiring Maria LaRosa.

1. What do you admire most about Maria LaRosa?
Maria is the most positive, most uplifting person! I really admire her strength. She is such a hard worker, but she has the unique ability to make even the hard days fun. – Dr. Erika Navarro

2. What’s something you’ve learned from Maria LaRosa?
Maria taught me Snapchat! Seriously though, we were show partners for a while when she first came to TWC, and we both had so much in common. We are both moms of 3, working full-time, and I have to say, I still learn from her, especially cool stuff about space! – Kelly Cass

3. How is Maria LaRosa an inspiration to other females interested in weather?
I can tell you she WAS an inspiration to me! Back in 2005 I was her intern, and shadowing her for a summer made me want to pursue a career in meteorology. We had so much fun and her love of science and weather is infectious! – Alex Wilson

4. What makes Maria LaRosa unique?
Maria is one of those women who does it ALL and is always so chill!  Not only does she work and take great care of her 3 boys, she takes time for her passions too. She is fascinated by space, photography and is learning to play the guitar…she’s REALLY good! – Stephanie Abrams

5. Why is Maria LaRosa an integral part to The Weather Channel family?
Where would we be without Maria’s kindness and realness! Plus, she’s awesome at teaching me how to speak Jersey! – Liana Brackett

6. Maria LaRosa is a role model in the meteorology field because…
She has a degree from the challenging Penn State meteorology program, has shown her tenacity in moving to different on-camera meteorologists jobs throughout the country and handily balances family, friends and Weather.  – Jen Carfagno

So if you didn’t know just how impressive Maria LaRosa is before, you do now! She’s an inspiration to all and brings unparalleled knowledge to The Weather Channel.

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  1. Maria you are an amazing woman with many talents and a great role model. I owe you and Alex Wilson with getting me interested in weather,STEM,and space thank you so much for getting this high schooler interested in weather 

  2. @maria-larosa, I must ask you these questions. 1) Is the CBM (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist) Seal the highest honor that you can get in meteorology? 2) How did you hook up @kcass to use Snapchat? 3) What drove your passion for space? 4) How do you make handling your three boys look so easy?! 5) What kind of music do you like to play on the guitar?
    I must admit that your STEM-infected passion for weather inspires not only females who want to become meteorologists but also weather geeks like me. Your invigorate sagaciousness brings extraordinary knowledge that we can use always when it comes to weather. Keep it up! #yougogirl 😀

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