8 Ways To Make the Most of Leap Day

Every four years we get a glorious extra day tacked on to the end of February. Naturally, us weather geeks asked ourselves the question… What should we do with this extra 24 hours? To us, the possibilities are endless, but here are our top 8 suggestions.

8. Pack a picnic and go watch the clouds roll by

Only if your area’s weather doesn’t involve snow or rain, of course.

7. Make a snow angel or play in the snow

Only if your area’s weather involves snow, of course.

6. Go to a science museum

Preferably one that has a space dedicated to weather, but either way we won’t judge.

5. Go to a planetarium

Always fascinating, always educational, and always a better look at the universe around us!

4. Make your own rainbow…

3. Or if rainbows aren’t your thing, make your own cloud!

2. Watch The Weather Channel

Because there’s no such thing as watching too much TWC, am I right?

1. Watch the sun go down

It’ll be the last sunset you’ll see on February 29th until 2024!