Jim Cantore Named Inaugural Honoree for the Weather Hall of Fame!

The Weather Channel’s very own Jim Cantore was among the first three honorees inducted into the 2018 Weather Hall of Fame at the National Weather Museum and Science Center in Norman, Oklahoma on Saturday, October 20th.

As one of the most recognized faces in weather, Cantore embodies the passion and knowledge of The Weather Channel. If you’ve ever seen him in thundersnow, you know this to be true! Not only is he the weather authority viewers turn to when their forecast turns dire, but he has been a guiding voice during every major weather event of the past 30 years. Tornado? Been there. Blizzards? Done that. Hurricanes? That’s his bread and butter. From Superstorm Sandy to Hurricanes Katrina, Irene, Harvey, and most recently Florence and Michael, Jim has always brought tremendous and trustworthy storm coverage to millions of homes across America. Before, during and after weather events, his live reports and insights keep the public safe. When not in the field, he covers the latest forecast and weather news on AMHQ weekday mornings, where he lights up the screen with his zest for life and weather.

“I am incredibly honored to be a part of the Weather Hall of Fame and can’t thank the National Weather Museum and Science Center enough,” said Jim Cantore. “It’s rewarding to be recognized and play a part in the immense impact The Weather Channel television network has on the country, particularly in times of severe weather.”

If you’re a fan of The Weather Channel or weather in general, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of Jim Cantore too. Nobody can cover the weather quite like Jim, so to us, we are not surprised in the slightest he was inducted into the Weather Hall of Fame.

Cantore was honored alongside Dr. Elbert W. (Joe) Friday, Jr., retired director of the NOAA National Weather Service and Thomas J McNellis Jr., senior manager with Lockheed Martin.

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  1. Congratulations Jim!! Our family has been watching you on the Weather Channel since around 1994! I even have your autographed picture. You know you are the icon for the Weather Channel. Again, congratulations and thanks for all of your great work there!
    Angie Buracker/Newport News, Virginia

  2. Congratulations on your induction into the Weather Hall of Fame, Jim! This is certainly a well deserved honor. You are a true professional. Your Thunder Snow coverage may have made you famous but I became a lifelong fan after seeing your care and concern for the military veterans impacted by Katrina.

  3. Congratulations Jim !!! you are the best and a big reason why I watch The Weather Channel – stay safe out there !! Cheri

  4. great job Jim! you are such a great reporter and I always enjoy watching you!

  5. Congratulations Jim.. You deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. You are always so upbeat and ready to go to cover any major weather event. You are Weather Personified my man. Well Done.

  6. Jim my main man! you are so adorable, is there a Ms. Cantore? teehee:) Congrats on doing your job so well !

  7. Congratulations on a job so very well done …..every day. Couldn’t imagine AMHQ, or a major weather event, without you and your exuberance.

  8. Congratulations Jim!! A well-deserved award!! I enjoy AMHQ every morning..Thank you for your dedication!
    Ruth S

  9. Jim, You are a super meteorologist. Hugs and gratitude-Arlene , Emily ,Kath and Steve

  10. Congrats Jim, on your induction. A very well deserved honor. As a HUGE fan of weather & you, I truly appreciate your hard work, dedication & all you do.

  11. Thank you Jim Cantore for my past 25+years of not only keeping me safe and informed, but allowing me to be in the know of my family and friends. Keep up the good work!!!

  12. Congratulations Jim! Great job, I’ve been watching you since we’ve had the Weather Channel, like 1992. You deserve this honor. I wish you lots of thunder snow this winter season.

  13. There is no individual more deserved of this accolade than Jim. He has been a part of our mornings for as long as TWC has been broadcast in our household. You have never compromised your integrity, consistently been genuine to your actions as well as your words, and have worked tirelessly in the face of peril. Congratulations!

  14. Jim, I’ve been watching you from your first day on the air. It’s a real treat to have traveled these 30 odd years with you. You completely deserve the place you have in modern weather history. Favorite joke about whether to evacuate from a storm? “If Jim Cantore sets up on your front porch, it’s time to go!” I hope you’ll be with us for many more years.

  15. Way to go, Jim! You’re a true weather pioneer and it’s good to see you being recognized for your work! You deserve, Sir Thundersnow!

  16. Congratulations! 🙂 You have helped make the weather even more exciting to watch! I’ve always enjoyed TWC and all of the adventures 🙂 Cheers to many more exciting weather years!

  17. Congratulations Jim! You love weather and it shows. We enjoy mornings with you, Jen, and Steph.

  18. Congratulations Jim. You deserve this honor. Keep up the good work with AMHQ. I like your camera presence with Jen & Stephanie.

  19. Congratulations to Jim Cantore! What a fantastic honor. I have been a fan of the Weather Channel, and especially you, Jim, since you all began so many years ago. Your are there before, during and after the storm with the most accurate reporting. So very happy for you.

  20. This is a well-deserve honor!! Thanks for being in our living rooms since the early days of the Weather Channel to keep us safe and sharing your passion of weather! I crack up everytime the commercial for the Weather Channel comes on with you “emptying” the beach – “Oh no!! Cantore’s here!!!”

    Joyce Estelle
    In the heart of Lake Effect snows in Kalkaska, Michigan

  21. Congratulations Jim ! Such a well deserved honor to a well deserved man! You always give weather that special “edge” and you bring the excitement and compassion in everything you do ; what an honor, Congratulations !!!

  22. Congratulations Jim! I’ve learned a lot about weather watching you on the Weather Channel!!! You deserve this honor!!!

  23. Way to go Jim!!! Very well deserved. Thank You for all the years helping my family with weather forecasts . Glenn

  24. Congratulations!!!The only thing that I will say is if the weather channel says Jim Cantore is in New Orleans or Gulfport, I am gone because that means hurricane is headed our way. He is always in the thick of things. I do not have to really watch, just know where he is.

  25. Congratulations, Jim! Your advice and inspiration keeps me going and tuned in every day and every storm.

  26. Congratulations Jim. You have been my hero for years and years. I am 76 and my first hurricane was Hazel, in 1954. I have lived on the coast from MD to FA and the Gulf. You have been a joy and kept me alive. Stay safe and do what you do best. I love you man.

  27. Huge congratulations to Jim! I have been watching him for years and I love his zest and passion for the weather! You are an amazing credit to the weather community! I’m a bit of a weather weenie myself and I’ve learned a lot from him! Jim if I could tell you one thing it would be this: NEVER stop doing what you are doing!   You are a true inspiration to the weather community! I love watching you on AMAQ in the mornings! Thank you for everything that you’ve done, do and will do! Cheers to you!🥂👏👏

  28. Congrats, Jim! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor. I’ve watched you when you started(and you had hair)on the weather channel and we all were young! Lol. You do your job well and I appreciate all you do!

  29. Congratulations Jim, well deserved. I watch you every morning and storm. I live close to the thunder snow event in Plymouth MA. I enjoy it every time they play it.

  30. Congratulations Jim!! You’ve certainly been a defining figure throughout my life (for which I’m grateful!) and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you!

  31. I couldn’t make it through my morning routine without my fix of “Can-Man” on AMHQ, I can’t get enough of his reassuring voice on Weather on the 8’s, and I can’t weather any dire prediction without him! Many congratulations, Jim, on an honor well deserved!

  32. Congratulations Jim, awesome accomplishment! Your passion really shows especially when it comes to Thunder Snow! lol… Keep doing what you do and I’ll keep enjoying watching you do it.

  33. Congratulations Jim! I was rocking babies when you started at The Weather Channel. My boys grew up watching you. Still do! Your professionalism, dedication, and devotion shine through in every broadcast. Your love of weather, be it rain, clouds, sunny days, fog, blizzards, always comes through. And your genuine concern to inform and keep safe the listening audience, is and always will be, so deeply appreciated.
    The ‘Cantore Magic’ makes watching the weather an adventure every day. And, I just have to say it, THUNDERSNOW ROCKS!!! So do you, Jim! Congrats, and keep on rolling.

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