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It’s Amazing Out There Spring Tour Journal (Day 2)

Alex’s recap of his recent stops on the It’s Amazing Out There Spring Tour continues with his first day in Greenville, SC.   Read about day one here.

Day 2
Got a chance to sleep in a bit today. After a restful night we all meet up to get to our next stop on the tour, which is Greenville, SC. I immediately regret not figuring out the forecast…it’s chilly!!! But I like it a little nippy, so no complaints. We get into town to grab a bite to eat. We find a spot, which is one of my, and a couple others on the trip, favorite places to chow down…Tupelo Honey Cafe! Mmmmmm, delicious! After eating, our first place to visit is Fluor Field. It’s the home of the Greenville Drive, a minor league baseball team that is affiliated with the Boston Red Sox. Spring and Baseball go hand in hand, so why not check out the stadium. The really cool thing about this particular ballpark is that it’s modeled after Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Baseball fans would get a kick out of seeing that it even has it’s own “Green Monster”. It really is beautiful. We hang out on the field and even got to chill out in the dugout. A really cool experience.

a8 baseball


All this baseball activity, so how about time for some funnel cakes. There’s a local spot called “FunnelDelicious”. It’s located right across from the Ballpark so it’s a perfect place to enjoy a sweet treat before or after a game. In addition to the normal funnel cake, they have fried Oreos, fried Milky Way and fried Kool Aid balls and whole bunch of other fried things to choose from. Yes, I did say “fried Kool Aid balls”. And they were all were delicious. I lost count of how many we tasted but it was a lot. But that was not all! They actually showed us how to make a funnel cake that was as large as a pizza pie. I’m talking large pizza sized. It was ginormous and Paula, the lovely lady who made it, did so with each slice as a different topping. There was something for everyone. My favorite had to be the apple pie a la mode. Yummy, I can taste it now. It was a tasty stop that would be a great locale to try when visiting Greenville.

a9 funnel

The last bit of fun was a trip to Main Street in downtown Greenville. There, we took on the challenge of finding the “Mice on Main”. It’s basically a scavenger hunt to find little statue mice that are located in different spots along Main Street. Something that would really be fun for the kids. Honestly, as an adult, I enjoyed reading clues to try and find the next mouse. We found 5 of the mice out of the 9 before we had to call it an evening. I won’t give out any clues on where they are but I’d definitely recommend giving it a try if you are walking through the downtown streets of Greenville. That marked the end of day number 2 of the tour. Not as adventurous as the first day, but it’s nice to slow things down to experience some of what Greenville has to offer you if your road trip takes you there.

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