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It’s Amazing Out There Spring Tour (Day 3)

  This is the third and final entry to Alex Wallace’s recap of his stops on the It’s Amazing Out There Spring Tour.  Click to see day 1 and day 2.

Day 3
I wake up in a place called the Red Horse Inn. It’s in a town called Landrum in South Carolina, about 40 minutes north of Greenville. When we arrived the night before, it was pitch black dark so we couldn’t really see the lay of the land. But with the sun up, I realized it was one of those little gems you sometimes stumble upon when planning a road trip. With daylight, I could see what a lovely Bed and Breakfast it was. It’s a huge piece of land with cottages and beautiful views of the mountains. We got a chance to meet with the owners and they are as nice as can be. They told us about their little secret. They literally have a horse named “My Little Secret” and she just so happens to be the great granddaughter of the famous Triple Crown winner, Secretariat. How cool is that…especially knowing the Kentucky Derby will be run in just a couple of days. We see her hanging out and just chillin’ in the grass with the backdrop being a picturesque view of the mountains. It really is lovely. That sets the cool and crisp day off on a positive note.

a11 horse farm

a10 secret


Our first stop of the day takes us to Campbell’s Covered Bridge. Built in 1909, it’s the only remaining covered bridge in the entire state of South Carolina. This is a quintessential road trip stop. One you can say, “Hey, I’ve been there!” It’s like stopping to see the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Kansas or the Geographical Center of the U.S., which also happens to be in Kansas. The bridge was closed to vehicle traffic in the early 1980s but you can walk on and through it. You see that people have carved their names and initials into the wood. As me and Wilson walk, it reminds me of the covered bridge in the movie Beetlejuice. I can find a movie reference in just about anything. It has been restored a couple of times, but it was cool to walk through something that was erected before World War I.

a12 covered bridge

We then decided to spontaneously head to a place called Caesars Head State Park. That’s all a part of road trips…taking unplanned detours and exploring. It was recommended by the owners of the Red Horse Inn that we were staying at. They said it would be a really nice view and, yup, they were right. It was a long, twisty and winding road but we finally got to a spot called “The Overlook”. It’s a great location that allows you to see for miles and miles and the weather was perfect with the sun peeking through a few clouds. I could’ve stayed up there forever. It was such a serene scene that showcased the beauty of Mother Nature.



We head back down the mountain and decide to stop for lunch at a local vineyard. If you don’t know, Wilson loves her some wine (not in a drunk way) and she was familiar with this vineyard that was just minutes from where we were. Why not, right? We got a chance to do a wine tasting and grabbed some lunch where we were able to eat outside overlooking the vineyards. Very cool spot. We didn’t stay long because we had to get to our next location which was about 45 minutes away.

When you head out on a road trip, you are always looking for some fun things to do with your family or friends. A tried and true fun thing is Go Kart Racing. So that’s what we did at LeMans Karting, located in Greenville. Me and Wilson suited up and it was time to race. She started out ahead of me and, after awhile, I couldn’t see her anymore. I guess I was concentrating on trying to make the sharp turns on the course. It was so much harder than I was used to with Go Karts I had tried in the past. You had to put some muscle into it. Just as I was getting the hang of it…BAM!!! Something hits me from behind. I think, “what in the world was that”. I turn my head to the right…nothing. I turn to the left and…ZOOM! Wilson goes whizzing by me as she turns the corner with reckless abandon. She had actually lapped me. Unbelievable! Oh well, it was a blast. We literally had the whole track to ourselves. We went around again. This time the whole Weather Channel crew got to join in, which was great because they had been working so hard filming and editing everything. It was good that they were able to have a little fun. Several spin outs later, the race comes to an end and so does our day. Everyone is all smiles. Busy day ahead though. First thing in the morning we go live to finally show you, our viewers all the cool stuff on the tour that makes it Amazing Out There!

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  1. It is often a rare find to discover a hidden gem! It is good to hear about said same,and to know that they,along with good people are out their!!!

  2. Thank you, sounds incredible. It is so relaxing when you are able to find moments you are describing. Amazing

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