Irma Brings Travel Nightmares to the Southeast

As the wrath of Hurricane Irma finally settles down, one of its worst effects is just ramping up: the woes of travel. In much of the southeast, communities are faced with power lines, trees, and debris littering the roads, making travel either impossible or a major challenge.

The unclear roads are preventing people from leaving or getting into other areas, as well as putting travelers in danger. State officials have taken to social media and released statements warning people to stay off the roads until they’ve been given the go ahead.

Along with countless road closures across the region, flights either departing or arriving at impacted areas have been canceled in much of the southeast. Most airports in Florida will begin reopening by mid-week with limited schedules, but the impacts from being closed for even a few days will be long lasting.

Now isn’t the time to chance any road trips or flights if they’re not completely necessary. Heed your local officials’ orders and go on the roads only if you’re cleared to do so. Trees and power lines in many areas may still be vulnerable to falling, so be cautious and aware of your surroundings at all times. In regards to flights, check on the status of your flight to see if it’s still on schedule. If you feel like you’d rather not risk traveling, see if your airline will reschedule your flight for you.

During this recovery time, remember that millions of people are dealing with frustration over road closures, canceled flights, and a lot of nuisances in general. If you’re trying to get back home, please be patient! Government officials, local authorities, and countless volunteers are doing their best to get you back where you belong safe and sound as soon as possible.