Introducing TWC’s Newest Meteorologist, Tevin Wooten!

The Weather Channel has brought on Tevin Wooten as the newest On-Camera Meteorologist! You’ll be seeing him on the network in the coming weeks.

“We’re excited to welcome Tevin back to The Weather Channel family. Tevin’s enthusiasm and dedication for live weather coverage are fantastic qualities that he brings to our team of world-class meteorologists,” said Nora Zimmett, Senior Vice President, Content and Programming. “His passion for meteorology and talent for storytelling will make him a valuable asset, both in the studio and out in the field.”

Without further ado, here’s a quick intro about Tevin!

How are you feeling today? It’s your first official day at TWC!

Thrilled is a good way to put it! It’s like a tornado in a sense that it’s exciting and invigorating, but it’s a full day because there’s a lot going on. It’s been a day full of meetings and getting introduced to a lot of people. So it’s thrilling and tiring all in one! It’s also really humbling. I never expected to get this job. With me being an intern here, I thought getting the interview was just a courtesy!

Fill us in on your educational background, because you started out in journalism, not meteorology, correct?

I actually started in engineering at the University of Arkansas. I was an intern at NASA in high school so that’s what first got me interested in the field. But later on I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I switched to journalism and got to fill in as a weather reporter at the campus TV station during Superstorm Sandy. They didn’t have anyone to do weather, so I figured I may as well keep doing it! I was reporting 4 nights a week on that station. I really liked that role and decided I wanted to keep doing it. Ironically enough, I could not get a meteorology degree in Arkansas because it wasn’t offered anywhere. So I worked as a journalist at a local NBC/Fox affiliate. I got to do even more weather there and one of my mentors told me the only way I’ll get to do this to the extent I wanted to is to go back to school. I went to Florida State University as a meteorology major and math minor. I graduated two weeks ago! I’m looking forward to applying the science to the broadcast here.

When did you first know you were interested in the weather?

First I would have to say I’m an asthmatic, so I’ve always been cautious with how hot it was outside, what the dew points were like, what the pollen count was, and so on. With a history of respiratory problems, my mom and dad have always ingrained in me that I should be aware of the weather. I didn’t fully realize my passion for weather until 2012 when I did the campus TV station. I was like, “This is awesome! I like math and science and I like broadcasting, so let’s make this work.”

You have an Emmy, which is incredible. How did that happen?

Weather, first off. I got the award in 2016 from a flash flooding event that happened in northwest Arkansas. I was reporting for a sister station. The Illinois River in Siloam Springs, AR crested at near historic levels, and the story went on for weeks. I didn’t think about awards at the time of reporting, but when it came time to apply for an Emmy, the team I worked with said they were going to put in the application. During that fall, I was leaving a Florida State University football game someone called me and said “Congratulations, you won an Emmy!” To be honest I kind of forgot about it! But of course I was thrilled. Also, it wasn’t just me, it was a complete team effort. I was only one part of that show. Looking back it’s really awesome I got to cover that event.

How does it feel to be working for TWC right out of school?

Humbling. I thought it was great to intern here, apparently you guys liked me enough to bring me back. My career path has not been a direct road at all, I’ve turned and detoured every which way, so to see it converge now, it’s humbling and rewarding. I am so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity! I wanted to be national by the time I was 30. And I’m 25. You’re told a lot “You can’t do this til you’re older”, so that motivates me to let others know there isn’t a rulebook for this. If you are passionate and work hard, everything will follow!

You were an intern here last summer. How do you think that experience will help you take on your new role of “On-Camera Meteorologist”?

I think it’ll help me because this is not your average newsroom in the sense that it’s all weather-themed. Most of the time weather isn’t the sole focus, but it is here. Working here also allowed me to understand the structure of the organization and how everything ties together to put the best product possible on TV. I’m here to make good TV and make the viewer happy, whether that’s giving them life-threatening information or waking up in the morning and letting them know what to expect that day.

What’s something our audience would be surprised to know about you?

I’ve got a twin brother! He lives back in Arkansas. I’m older by 5 minutes and I never let him forget it. I also received a Presidential Volunteer Service Award in high school for community service. I got a letter from Barack Obama, which was really cool!

Do you have any other hobbies or interests you’re passionate about?

Aside from STEM outreach, I love to workout. I’d workout at 2am when I was in school because my mind was racing after studying at the library all night so I’d just go to the gym. I also love watching reruns of Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds.

What’s your favorite season and why?

My favorite season is fall. I’m from the south, so of course that means SEC football (Go Hogs!) but also living in the Ozarks, not only did you see the colors change in your front yard, but on the interstate and throughout the mountains and skyline. When you think of fall, you think of trees. Arkansas has amazing trees. Each tree that was represented in the state was on our campus at some point in time, so it was beautiful.

I’m just really excited and humbled to be here. I’m looking forward to telling the weather, that’s what I’m really passionate about. Being immersed in something that is mathematically derived and explained, and communicating that will be the icing on the cake for my career I hope. Actually, maybe it’s just the cake, like the batter. We’ll mix it up and put the icing on when I retire!

Be on the lookout for Tevin’s debut on The Weather Channel in the next few weeks, and ask him your questions in the comments below!

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  1. Are the females not allowed to wear slacks? Is it against the law?
    They are meteorolists? Science trained?
    What’s with the tight, short dresses ? As role models, they are terrible.

  2. Tevin Wooten is the best Meteorologist on the weather channel. Good job Tevin.

  3. Great Hurricane Dorian reporting Tevin. What is the scariest part of hurricane reporting? What is the funnest part as well?

  4. Tevin is a hottie and watching him report on a category 5 hurricane is my pleasure! I totally forgot about the hurricane and read Tevins bio instead!

  5. I live in Tallahassee and left town for Michael. We are very impressed with your coverage and had to look you up. More impressed now. You have a great talent and knack for interviews and we are very touched by your interviews of the folks in Marianna. My coworker lives there and she texted right after the storm to advise that the town looked like a bomb was dropped on them. Thank you for reporting on their plight

  6. Hello Tevin,
    I’m a Wooten descendant and I live in SC. Thank you for being on the TWC team that covered Hurricane Florence. God bless you and your fellow meteorologists everywhere.

  7. I currently work at a regular good paying job, not career. I’ve always loved weather but never pursued it. I’m a Mother, and I know it’s never too late. How long would I have to attend school and, could I successfully finish school taking online classes ?? I would love to do something more exciting and be a great inspiration to my daughters and husband.
    Always better to do what you Love

  8. Congrats Bud !!! I was wondering where you went from KNWA . You are going to be a great addition to TWC .

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    1. Thanks for watching Dom!
      And YES…SO Glad to be back in the SEC! We’re still working on garnering support…but I’ll always shout WPS! 😉

  13. Glad you are a new member of TWC. Welcome and I know you are excited. You are a great addition.

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    Be blessed,
    Connie Robinson (gig em aggies 🙂 )

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      …and I’ll allow the Gig ‘Em this time! 😛

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