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Almost every meteorologist that is not on TV has heard the following question:

What Channel are you on?

It is question definitely in the Hall of Fame of questions that meteorologists receive. Interestingly, I am the former president of the American Meteorological Society, and I know for a fact that only about 8-9% of meteorologists work in the broadcast field.

Many would be surprised to learn of the various industries in which meteorologists work. One of them is the insurance industry. When you think about it, it is kind of “duh”. Weather and climate affect the real estate, commercial development, transportation, and related industries significantly. In fact, this week’s Weather Geeks guest, Bryan Wood, says that 90-95% of his company’s claims have something to do with weather. Bryan is a meteorologist with the large national insurance company Assurant. He joins us to discuss the rationale, day-to-day operations, and challenges of being a meteorologist in the insurance industry. He also shares what it is like to be a part of a team placed right in the middle of a weather disaster recovery.

One of the most revealing numbers after storms like the Joplin Tornado or Hurricane Matthew is the ultimate damage costs. Insurance companies keep a close eye on extreme weather and even changing climate. Their bottom line and their client’s lives depend on it.

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  1. Please make this episode available to watch again! I am very interested in the intersection of weather and the insurance industry.

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