6 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Love Weather Photography

If you have a passion for taking pictures, there’s no better app than Instagram. Add that to a love for weather and you get some pretty amazing accounts. These top Instagram accounts are worth following if you’re obsessed with weather photography!


If storms are what you’re into, this account is perfect for you! It features photos that are submitted by followers. The primary focus is on storms, lightnings, and clouds. They also post sunsets and other natural weather phenomena.  


This account focuses on storms and tornadoes. The owner of this page, a young man from Italy, posts original photos and shares his storm chasing experiences. This account is perfect for those of you that are interested tornadoes and storm chasing.  


Nature’s Album, run by couple Tina and Kevin, takes a unique approach to weather photography. They share original pictures of nature and their natural surroundings while traveling around the world. If you have a passion for photography and enjoy being immersed in nature, Nature’s Album is the account for you!


This account, run by Jeff Gammons, features severe storms and hurricanes. There are original photos and even some cool time lapse videos! This account is perfect for a weather fanatic with a passion for storms.  


Storm_scape is sure to satisfy your storm-loving heart. Every photo perfectly captures the magnificence (and intimidation) of powerful Mother Nature. If you love the thrill of storm chasing and being near severe weather, wxmstr is the perfect follow!


That’s right! We Love Weather officially has an Instagram, and although we may be a little biased, we think it’s one of the best ones out there. We share pictures of all types of weather including lightning, rainbows, and beautiful sunsets, all of which we pull from our photo gallery. That means everything we post comes from fans like you! If you want a chance to be featured, be sure to share your photos to the We Love Weather gallery, and check out our brand new page today.

Do you follow any other Instagram accounts related to weather? Comment them below!  

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  1. Great accounts listed! I’d also add @StormHour and @ewvlive to the list!

  2. All great accounts to follow!
    I’m biased too, but I would definitely add @StormHour to the list 🙂

  3. It is great you are going into instagram because we all love weather and we just can’t see enough of these magnificent moments of nature all over the world. My participation in this community is coming from Samos island in Greece through the following insta profile @meteographer and under my name Manolis Thravalos. Hope you like my perspective of weather photography and share it with your fans. Thanks a lot for your time and consideration! And greetings from Greece!


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