Hurricanes ’17: An Unnatural Season

The warning signs were all over the place. Prior to the Atlantic hurricane season, most of the scientists that do seasonal hurricane predictions warned of a potentially active hurricane season. Unfortunately, they have been spot on. Perceptions of hurricane activity are always interesting to consider anyhow. As Hurricanes Andrew and Sandy illustrated, it really only takes one storm to devastate a region. In 2017, a month-long barrage of record setting hurricane activity weaved a path of destruction leaving millions in shock and awe in the wake of Mother Nature’s ultimate fury. 

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria will all likely achieve the infamous status of retired names in the World Meteorological Organization list. When you consider these storms happened within the span of few weeks, it says something ominous. Of more importance, there has been significant loss of property and life. Residents of Texas and Louisiana are still recovering from the direct impact of a category 4 Harvey and a lingering tropical storm that inundated the region with possibly the worst flooding event on record. Irma ravaged small islands in the Caribbean and left many people not only looking for a home, but new lands to seek safety. Irma also destroyed much of the Florida Keys, left millions without power, and produced record flooding in Jacksonville. Maria is a humanitarian tragedy for the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and other smaller islands. The magnitude of this disaster, like all of the others, should not have been a surprise. Meteorologists saw it all coming with our models, satellites, and radars (while we had them).

This week on a special one hour live episode of Weather Geeks, a world class panel of experts will give audiences an inside look at these incredible storms as only they can. Join us as the panel ultimately tries to answer the question on everyone’s mind, are these disasters the work of Mother Nature or man’s doing? We will explore every angle of these storms: the meteorology, communication, societal impacts, climate change, and more. We will provide a platform to remind our media, public, and policymakers that are human beings struggling in a manner that they have not seen before.

The expertise level assembled is “A-List”:

Dr. Rick Knabb –  Hurricane Expert, The Weather Channel

Dr. Erika Navarro – Hurricane Specialist, The Weather Channel

Dr. Greg Postel – Hurricane Specialist, The Weather Channel

Dr. Kim Cobb – Climate Scientist, Georgia Tech

Dr. Ryan Maue – Research Meteorologist,

Jeff Lindner – Meteorologist, Harris County Flood Control District

The event is so big and has so many moving parts we also bring in an “OWG”, Original Weather Geek Chris Warren to help navigate the discussion.

Join us for an all-new episode of Weather Geeks this weekend. The show always airs Noon ET (11 am CT, 10 am MT, 9 am PT) on The Weather Channel.

By the way, we have a special and well-deserved surprise for our colleagues at the National Weather Service on the show.

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