Quiz: Are You #HurricaneStrong?

Hurricane season is upon us… Are you #HurricaneStrong? Test your knowledge with our quiz below.

Tell us your results in the comments below!

If you want to see a real #HurricaneStrong Home under construction, click here. Learn more at www.flash.org or www.hurricanestrong.org today. If you need any more background on FLASH, our newsroom has boilerplate and other resources samples at http://newsroom.flash.org/.

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  1. We do not lie in Hurricane areas; therefore, we have outdoors that swing in for protection from theft. If we lived in a hurricane area, we would do the opposite.
    As far as trees go, we prefer trees not near the house ever. In a hurricane they could blow down on the house. Without hurricanes they frequently have rodents and bad beetles. Before planting any shrubbery or trees, confer with a specialist.

  2. 8/8, but only because I have been through a couple of Hurricanes and a Typhoon, and avidly watch the Weather Channel when there is a storm a brewing!

  3. got 4 right but ive only experienced one hurricane in my life in western nc where i live which was hurricane hugo in 1989 wow my weather radio got a workout at 330 am that morning i still remember it to this day

  4. 6/8–the tree question snagged me too! Also missed the door swing question, I debated about that one because it made sense that the door frame would provide extra wind resistance for an outward-swinging door, but I was also thinking that if you had to close the door when the wind was already blowing you could lean your weight into an inward-swinging door to shut it against the wind. I don’t live in an hurricane- or tornado-prone area, although it could happen! Hope not!

  5. Only got 5 right. I should be ashamed of myself. Been through all hurricanes on the east coast since Hazel in 1954. Telling my age now.

  6. Got 8 right,butlive in south Florida and lived through a few hurricanes. ( wilma in ’05, and Andrew in’92).

  7. I also live in Ohio and got all 8. Maybe because I don’t live in hurricane areas, not familiar with some of the things they’ve been told over the years, which are now proven to be not true. Same with tornado myths. We were always told to crack windows open, now we are told not to.

  8. I’m in Ohio as well and also missed the same two, tiles and trees. Great things to know as it applies for any high wind event.

  9. I missed only one. The last one about the native trees, and I have lived on the West Coast all my life. Love the Weather Channel!

  10. I used to live in Florida and missed the same two. Live in Georgia now and just get the rain and wind.

  11. Missed 1. I said native trees had the advantage. I should have given that a little more thought.

  12. I’m in Ohio and it says I’m Hurricane Strong! So that’s good to know as we don’t get hurricanes, but have had a tropical storm or two. Though rare, these remnants can be quite destructive, as we found out in 2005 with remnants from Katrina.

  13. Well, I missed 2 questions. I really thought tile roofing would be safer… nope. Should have thought longer about native trees, too, I know better!

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