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Have you ever wondered what happens to our meteorologists off-camera when they are covering severe weather? Do you want to know why it can be perfectly dry 2 feet from you, but raining right where you are? Is there a weather question that has just been bugging you and you want answers?

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  1. I don’t recall having seen any pro/con messages regarding the use of portable water purification systems such as those used by outdoor enthusiasts every day, i.e., Katadyn, Sawyer, MSR, etc.
    In fact, there are numerous items in the outdoor industry that, in the event of emergency, could be applied to these periods.
    Might be worth a few minutes of programming to research some of those items and add them to a “preparedness” list.

  2. Although I read where the polar vortex would be affecting weather in the east in the upcoming weeks, extended forecasts are showing temperatures to be in the 30’s.
    Wouldn’t temperatures be unusually cold?

  3. I see High and low temps predicted for each day. Is the low based on 11:59 that night or so that day? The lowest temp seems to come early in the AM

  4. have a school project and need to ask a meteoroligist questions about the Bermuda Triangle so can you please answer these?
    Question #1:
    how many types of natural phenomenas happen around and in the Bermuda Triangle ?
    Question #2:
    what times go the year do these phenomenas happen?
    Question #3:
    could the phenomenas really cause so many ships and planes to disappear ?
    Question #4:
    what is the reason compasses stop working in the Bermuda triangle ?
    Question #5
    is there anywhere else in the ocean that has similar weather patterns?
    Question #6:
    what other things might cause the ships and planes disappear ?
    Question #7
    some scientists think the tides and currents meet up and create a super wave that might be able to wipe out a whole ship and a plane close enough. do you think this could be a possibility?
    Question #8
    where do you think the remains of all the ships ad planes could be?

  5. We live in Brookshire, Texas. There is a weather phenomenon the residents call the “Brookshire Bubble”. The “Brookshire Bubble” is when weather seems to go around our area from every direction (as if we are in a bubble that weather can’t penetrate). We do get a fair amount of precipitation, wind, etc., but significantly less than other areas in our immediate surroundings. This area is almost completely flat, and we are several miles away from any tall buildings.

    Any ideas?

  6. Could the earthquakes we’ve had over the last two decades which have changed the earths rotation my a small amount, have anything to do with the strange weather we’ve been having over the last two decades?

  7. On your Sunday morning broadcast you indicated that this is the 6th year in a row that the first hurricane of the season was reported prior to the start of the Official start of the Hurricane Season. If that is the case it appears this is no longer an unusual event, why don’t they change the start date to May 1st. For6 straight year the conditions required to produce a hurricane were present in May.

  8. if the actual moisture content remains the same and the saturation moisture content increases, what happens to the relative humidity? does it increase until it reaches 100%?

  9. It is now 0730. The temperature is 37 Fahrenheit.
    The forecast for today is 55-75.
    At what time of day does that forecast begin?

  10. How can your models show a hurricane moving north when its a low pressure system rotating counter clockwise. You showed a break with in the two high pressure systems to the north. if it continues to “Stall” over the Bahamas for “24-36” hours how come the high pressure systems are not moving. Pressure systems are always in motion they do not stall. high pressure systems rotate clockwise which would continue to push the low pressure systems downward not up! Please answer this. by the way the steering winds are still moving around 10-15 miles an hour  westward at 18,000 feet. Just curious how your models can show any accuracy when it defies nature???

  11. Why does the wind speed data of 185 mph Cat.5 winds not match the data of 90 mph being felt on the ground? Obviously there will be higher gusts.

  12. It says Delray Beach is a tropical storm but radar shows hurricane 4 I’m confused and nervous

  13. Will Dorian still hit Nassau Bahamas with tropical storm winds.

  14. 1989. Hugo. Anniversary? I lived in Spartanburg SC in a trailer park then. We had a bad tornado. It totally destroyed the trailer park above me. Power went out. I heard a noise but lived near a railroad track plus a place they worked on trucks. I went outside to see. Got a close up view of tornado as it went down other side of road. Air felt hot. Like no oxygen. Warm feeling like warm water being poured down me from head down. Maybe fear? People were hurt & killed. I moved out of a trailer then. One family got in ditch with red muddy water rushing over them. Guess they knew what it could do but was my 1st tornado. I still live in Spartanburg SC. Will we maybe see a repeat from Hugo?

  15. Sometimes, I look at the radar images of local weather. Often, when clouds are covering the entire mid-coast Maine area, a defined spot in East Gray remains clear (without clouds). I have located the center of this anomaly, and it is directly over the National Weather Service building on Weather Lane. Can you tell me what is going on?

  16. The Coriolis Effect is simple enough when you consider an object moving across the two dimensional surface of a sphere. But the atmosphere is a three dimensional surface, and high and low pressure centers of rotating weather systems make things more complicated. Why do low pressure system rotate counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere?   I know the standard response  that air currents move right on approaching the center of the rotating system in the northern hemisphere. But that does not explain it! Thanks

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